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Leave: HR Manager and Admin Guide

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Required RolesTeam Manager HR Manager AdministratorADU Manager

Access Appogee Leave by going to There are three ways to log in - Email address and Password, Google Workspace (G Suite) Log in or Microsoft Office 365 Log in. Your details will be in your welcome email, or alternatively contact your Administrator.

HR Manager Functions

An HR Manager has edit access to all teams and their members. HR Managers are involved in managing people within the system - adding new starters, removing leavers and changes to team structures such as approval flow and parent teams. 

The HR Manager has access to the following additional menu items - Reporting, Organization, Add Employee, Roles & Access and Leave > Admin & Config

From Reporting, HR Managers are able to run reports which will give them results relating to all employees across all teams. 

Organization is where you can organise your Employees, Teams and Virtual Teams. This is also where you set up the approval flows for Leave. 

The Add Employee option gives you access to add an employee in three different ways: manually, import from CSV or import from integrated account (e.g. Google Workplace Suite or Microsoft Office 365). 

HR Managers are able to give roles to individuals by going to Roles & Access, this is also where you configure self service. 

Leave > Admin & Config is where you would set up Work Profiles and other Leave related administration tools such as the Allowance Calculator, Adjust Allowance Range tool, Bulk Adjust Allowances and administer Backfill. Additionally, this area gives options for Leave Security (for Restricted Roles), Leave Types, Sickness Types, Public Holidays, Email Templates and Google Team Calendars (for Google Workplace integrated accounts). 

Admin Functions

Admins have the ability to configure the system but are not able to see any employee data, other than their own. Admins will have all the functions listed above in HR Manager Functions, and additionally have access to Leave > Admin & Config, System Config and Licensing. 

Leave > Admin & Config gives options for Leave Security (for Restricted Roles), Leave Types, Sickness Types, Public Holidays, Email Templates and Google Team Calendars (for Google Workplace integrated accounts). Additionally from here you will be able to set up Work Profiles and other Leave related administration tools such as the Allowance CalculatorAdjust Allowance Range tool, Bulk Adjust Allowances and administer Backfill.

System administration is done from System Config, where you can change any of the General Settings, Customise the colour & change the logo, set up Verified Domains and also enable ADUs

User Roles

It's possible to be HR Manager or Admin, but it's also very likely that you will have both roles, to give you full administration rights to the system. You can check which role you have by going to Roles & Access from the left menu. It's not possible to remove Admin access from your own account, but it is possible to grant it if you're an HR Manager already. You can remove HR Manager access rights from your own account and also grant it if you're an Admin. All other Admins and HR Managers will be notified by email of any change and all changes are audited.

Basic Navigation

Once you're logged in, you'll be presented with the Dashboard, this is split into 3 sections - My Actions, My Teams and My Summary. Your actions are a list of the Leave Requests you have pending, your Teams provides you information about the employees in your team(s) and your Summary shows your personal content shown in the Year at a Glance feature. Getting around Appogee Leave can be done using the navigation bar on the left. The top section shows your Directory, and the section below that is your Leave, along with Management tools and Reporting. 

As HR Manager you are able to use the dropdown in the Teams widgets to change teams. 

As Admin you are able to view the same widgets as an Employee would see - data associated with you. 

Employee Ribbon

At the top of the dashboard is the Employee ribbon which defaults to you. It shows basic information - your Line Manager, HR Manager, and the Employee Switcher in the top right corner. This is a management feature which allows you to easily switch between employees' profiles. 

From the Dashboard, you may access information about the employees you manage, by using the employee switcher in the top right corner. This powerful feature allows you to switch between users while you keep the same context within Appogee Leave. If for example, you wanted to review the allowances for each member of your team, you can select Allowances from the main menu and switch through each team member using the switcher. 

As HR Manager you are able to view all employees in this list and switch to anyone's profile using the switcher. 

As Admin you cannot see the employee switcher.

Leave features

The following features are available for HR Managers only. The Appogee Leave Employee Guide has everything you need to know about the Leave Features for Employees. 

Request History

You can view an overview of all your employee's previous requests. If you're an HR Manager, you'll be able to switch access between all teams. You are also able to look at historic Leave Requests by filtering on the Date Range. In addition to this, you can also filter the status of the Leave Requests. You'll also notice, there's an option to Backfill requests. More information on this below. 

Team Allowances

As the HR Manager, you can view all employees' allowances to see their Total, Taken, Pending and Remaining allowances as well as their sickness.

Team Calendar

See an overview of all teams' Leave by looking at the Team Calendar. You can filter on the month or the Team. 

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It is possible to record Leave on behalf of other employees using the Backfill feature - requests are entered and stored without following a workflow and is useful when setting up the system. It's also possible to book future requests on behalf of others. You can submit Backfill either from the requests tab or if you go to Leave > Backfill.

For more on Backfill, take a look at this guide.

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Admins do not have access to Reporting

Go to Reporting > Leave Report Builder. 

Here you can access a standard set of sample reports, which you can customise and then save for re-use. There are 3 control tabs to the right of the chart which provide the menu of sample reports and chart types, the selected data set, and the filters on the data to be presented.  

Go to Reporting > Data Export.

Data Export allows you to download absence data from the system, filtered according to Team, Request Type and Date Range as you wish.  Once defined, the report is built as a CSV by the system and then a download link is made available on the downloads page once ready. A history of your Data Exports will be saved in the Downloads tab. 

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Approval Flows

Setting up Approval Flows is an important part of the process to ensure that Leave / Sickness Requests go to the right person.

Go to Leave > Config & Admin > Work Profiles > Approval Flows.

Here you can create Approval Flows for all teams and select a Primary Approver as well as any Alternate Approvers the team requires. You can also Edit and Delete any existing Approval Flows.

For more information take a look at the following: Setting up Approvers

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