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HR Reporting

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR ManagerAdministrator ADU Manager

In this article: 

HR Report Builder

HR Reports

Scheduling Reports

Users with Admin, HR Manager, Team Manager, HR Assistant, Payroll Admin and IT Manager will have access to HR Reporting. They will only have access to reports pertaining to their job role - if the user role is configured not to see a Category or a Field, they will not have access to report on that data.  HR Managers have access to all reports. 

HR Report Builder

Go to Reporting > HR Report Builder.

There are 3 main steps:

  1. Select Fields - Select which fields you wish to report on.
  2. Apply Filters - Apply one or more filter on each of the selected fields.
  3. Define Sorting - Choose the fields you want to sort your report on and for each field, define the type of sorting to apply.

Select Fields 

Select which fields you wish to report on. The fields will be displayed under their relevant category. In any report, you can only include fields from one table at a time.  

Filter through the different categories and select/de-select fields you'd like to show in your report. 

Apply Filters

Apply filters to fields. 


  • Performance reviews in the next 3 months
  • Right to work expired last week 
  • Team does not equal Support
  • Learning contains IT 

You can apply as many filters as you need - make sure to click the + icon to add the filter. You can also choose whether to include or ignore blanks. If you include blanks, you will see employees in the list who do not have any data in the selected fields. 

The X buttons to the right of the filters can be used if you wish to remove the filters from the field. If you wish to delete the field from the report, you will need to return to step 1 and untick the box.

Define Sorting

Select which fields to sort and the direction of sorting. For example, first name ascending or last name descending. You can select more than one filter here. 

When you are ready, click on Build Report, your results will show straight away. 

You can then choose to edit the report if it doesn't have the right data - this will take you back to the report builder page, download the report or Save the Report. 

HR Reports

Once you have saved a report you will be able to run it again at a later date, or arrange to set it up on a schedule. 

You can access these reports by going to Reporting > HR Reports.

To run a report ad-hoc, just click the 'run report' button on the right. 

Scheduling Reports

To arrange a report to run on a schedule, go to Reporting > HR Reports. Click the report and switch to the Schedule tab. 

Fill out the options as suits and click Save. 

The person you have selected to notify will receive an email and an alert in the panel when their report has been run. 

You can choose whether you have the report attached to the email but be cautious if the report stores sensitive data. 

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