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What are Verified Domains?

Applicable plans Leave HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager


Appogee HR by default supports only a single integrated email domain within one installation subscription, but it can be configured to support multiple integrated email domains.  To enable this an administrator can add additional domains to the verified domains list of their system. Once a domain is verified employees with email addresses for that domain can then be added.

How verified domains are configured 

Verified domains are configured within the System Config section of the application.

Please type in the domain that you wish to verify.

Instead of manually typing in the domain, if your system is integrated with Office 365 or Google Workspace, you can click the 'Add Google Workspace Domains' or 'Add Office 365 Domains' button, so that all domains in that integrated instance are imported. In the screenshot below the system is integrated with Google Workspace. Once all the steps have been undertaken an employee can be added from any domain (as a username and password employee), as long as the email address is not already in the system.

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