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Setting Up & Editing Teams

Applicable plans Leave HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

In this article: 

Creating a Team

Editing a Team

Deleting a Team

A Team is a collection of employees consisting of members and at least 1 primary manager. In most cases a Team will have a Parent Team used to form your org chart.

Employees can see who else is in their Team, and who their Manager is but they will not have access to employee details unless they have the Team Manager or HR Manager role. Team Managers can access information about the members of that team, and any Team below it in the hierarchy.  They cannot setup or configure teams themselves as this is restricted to anyone with the HR Manager role.  

Creating a Team

There are different ways you can create a team in Appogee HR, these are:

  • Organization Dashboard
  • Teams Dashboard

Organization Dashboard

One of the ways you can create a team instantly within Appogee HR, is by going to the Organization Dashboard. 

Go to Organization then click the + icon. 

A dialog box will open, enter the Team name and set a Primary Manager. In the Optional tab, you can choose whether to enable Sickness Reports & TOIL Requests.

When you are happy with the information, click Create Team. 

Team Dashboard

Go to Organization > Teams > + Create Team

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Editing a Team

You can edit Teams from the Organization Dashboard or the Team Dashboard. 

In the Organization Dashboard, click the pencil icon next to the team you wish to edit. 

In the Team Dashboard, click on the name of the team you wish to edit. 

The Team edit page is split into multiple tabs. Work through the tabs consecutively or you can choose a tab to edit. 

Main Details

Edit the main details of the Team here:

  1. Name - edit the name of the Team
  2. Comments/Notes - optionally share notes here with other users who have access to this page 
  3. Parent Team - this builds the org chart, if the team has no Parent Team, there is an option for (No Parent Team)
  4. HR Manager - The HR Manager controls Notifications & Checklists for the members of this Team
  5. Sickness Enabled? - Turn on or off the option to submit Sickness Reports
  6. TOIL Enabled? - Turn on or off the option to submit Time Off In Lieu requests
  7. Active Leave Years - select which Leave Years the employees are allowed to see and submit requests for

Calendar Config

Configure the in-app calendar for the team here:

  1. Calendar Start Day - select which day the in-app calendars should start on 
  2. Team Calendar Access - select which members should have access to view the Team Calendar

Leave Settings

Configure the Leave Settings for the Team here:

  1. Who can Request? - choose whether you allow the Employee only to make Leave Requests or if you would like the Employee and their Manager to make a Request
  2. Require Reason? - check the box to make the Reason field mandatory when employees submit a Leave Request
  3. Prevent Self Approval - if a member of this team is also an approver of this team, this setting applies. If you want to prevent such members from approving their own Leave Requests, check the box. For this to work, you will need to have at least 2 approvers defined
  4. Email Notifications - notify users when a Leave Request is submitted. This is not a request for action
  5. Leave Approval Flow - define which users can approve requests for this team: 
    • There are two approver roles 
      • Primary - receives email notifications Leave Requests
      • Alternate - do not receive email notifications
    • To add an approver, type their email address into the textbox, then select a role and click the Add button. All approvers will be automatically added as Managers on the Managers tab. This gives them access to the Management view which includes details about the team members' allowance and request data
    • Approval Levels
      • It's possible to add up to 3 approval levels. In the first instance, the leave request will go to approval level 1 for approval and only when they approve this will it be passed to level 2. The request will stay in pending status until all approvers have approved it.
    • If the approval settings are the same as Sick or TOIL, you can copy them over. 

Check out our video on how to set up approvals here: 

Sickness Settings

The Sickness Settings tab is very similar to the Leave Settings tab, however there are more options in the Who can Request? section. If the approval settings are the same as Leave or TOIL settings, you can copy them over. 

TOIL Settings (this will only show if you have turned on TOIL in the Main Details tab)

TOIL stands for Time Off In Lieu, which allows a user to request extra time off in the place of the overtime they may have worked (also known as "Compensation" time). Please note that TOIL requests INCREASES the leave allowance to compensate for the extra time and are not leave requests in themselves. If you want employees to create time off requests for TOIL purposes consider creating a TOIL Leave Type. The TOIL label can be changed in the Configuration settings to be renamed to a label applicable to your organization. Further information on TOIL can be found here.

The TOIL Settings tab is very similar to Sickness Settings and Leave Settings. If the approval settings are the same as Leave or Sick settings you can copy these over.

Team Managers

All approvers will be given Team Manager role. You can also add other Managers who are not approvers to the Team Profile. All managers have access to the management and reporting for teams they manage. A Team Manager may be assigned a Reader or Editor role. Managers with Editor roles can edit requests and allowances of users they manage, whereas managers with the Reader role have read-only access to the team profile. 

To add a new manager, enter their email address and click Add. Select their Role from the drop down and if you want to remove a Manager, click on the Remove button. 


You can view employees who belong to the team from this tab. To add users to the team, you can search them via their email address or their name and click 'Add Member'.

Integration Settings

This section allows you to send members of the team iCalendar invitations which will send them when their requests are approved or cancelled. Also, when syncing Leave Requests to external calendars, select what information should be included in the calendar event. Note that the requester's name, date of request and status of request will always be synchronized.

When integrated with G Suite, an employee's requests can be synced to their personal Google Calendar. You can enable Out of Office for the team members, so the employees have the option to configure their Out of Office when they submit their Leave Request.

NOTEFor Office 365 integrated accounts, the same tab will be displayed. Out of Office cannot be enabled for Office 365 Users.

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Deleting a Team

If you wish to delete a team, you must ensure the following:

  • All members of the team have been removed, including former team members
  • Removed all managers from the team 
  • Removed the approval flows from the Leave, Sickness & TOIL settings
  • That the team is not a parent team. Please check the Org Chart to see the hierarchical structure of the team.

Once you have done this, you can click on Options > Delete Team

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