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Newly Appointed HR Manager or Admin

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Leave > Admin & Config

Profile > Admin & Config 

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System Config (available to Admins only)

This article is aimed at users who have been granted the HR Manager or Admin roles after the setup of Appogee HR has been completed. 

The article addresses the two roles separately, however it is possible to have both roles assigned at the same time.  


HR ManagerAdmin

The HR Manager role allows you the following permissions by default: 

  • Full edit access to employee data
  • Full edit access to organisation configuration including adding employees & assigning managers
  • Ability to manage Roles & Acces of employees
  • Full access to reporting
  • Access to Leave & HR Admin tools
    • Work Profiles
    • Public Holidays
    • Allowance Calculator
    • Adjust Allowance Range
    • Bulk Adjust Allowances
    • Backfill
    • Bulk Update Employee Profiles (HR Essentials & Success packages only)

The Admin role allows you the following permissions by default: 

  • Full edit access to employee data
  • Full edit access to organisation configuration including adding employees & assigning managers
  • Ability to manage Roles & Access of employees
  • Access to Process Config 
    • Profile Configuration (HR Essentials & Success packages only) 
      • Edit Categories & Fields
      • Edit Field & Record Security
      • Edit Company Documents Types & Security 
      • Configure the Onboarding Portal (HR Success package only)
      • Configure Performance Review Types (HR Success package only)
      • Configure Goals security (HR Success package only)
    • Leave Configuration
      • Edit Leave & Sickness Types
      • Configure Leave Security
      • Configure Compulsory Days
      • Edit Email Templates
      • Set up Google Team Calendars (Google Workspace Integrated accounts only)
  • Access to System Config
    • Configure General Settings & Customisation
    • Add Verified Domains
    • Manage Divisions/ADUs
    • Manage Integrations


Both the HR Manager & Admin roles have full access to the Organisation section of the application. This is where Teams, approval flows, office locations (HR Essentials & Success packages only) and individual employee administration is located. 


Teams are groups of employees who share the same approval flow, so if you head to the Organisation section and the setup doesn't seem to match your company's org structure, that will be why. 

It's worth taking a look at each team to see who the approvers & managers are, as well as the individual settings. Some key things to note for your teams: 

  • All employees must belong to a Team
  • Leave Approvers must be Managers, but Managers don't have to be Leave Approvers
  • Different approval flows can be set up for Leave, Sickness and TOIL (Time off in Lieu) 
  • It's possible to disable the ability to request Sickness & TOIL per team
  • There's two types of Manager - Reader & Editor 
  • All changes are audited so you can view what has been changed on each team and who made the changes
  • You can have up to 3 levels of approval

Further reading: Setting up & editing Teams

Virtual Teams

Virtual Teams may also have been set up - these are an optional extra and allow you to group employees from multiple teams. This could be for visibility purposes (within calendars) or additional approval flow configuration

Further reading: Setting up Virtual Teams

Employee Admin

There's various settings and configuration options for each individual employee, which is managed from the Employee Admin page. This can be accessed from the Organisation menu, by clicking on an employee name, or by clicking the Employee Admin button from another section of the application where you're viewing an employee. 

This section is very powerful, as it determines various settings and access for each employee. All changes are audited so you can view what has been changed on each employee and who made the changes. 

Take a look at a few employees to see how each has been set up and to familiarise yourself with this section. 

Roles & Access

This section allows you to view and manage the different levels of access within the system, and what system roles have been assigned to employees. 

The Login & Access section allows you to configure which modules employees have access to as well as the ability to enable Two-Factor Authentication.

If you have HR Essentials or HR Success, you can enable the following modules:

  • Leave
  • HR
  • Clock-in
  • Projects (only available with the Time add-on)
  • Location
  • Goals (HR Success only)

The User Roles section allows you to grant additional Roles to employees. The Team Manager role is granted based on the Team settings, hence why this column is read-only. 

Further reading: Configuring user Roles & Access, What are the user roles?

Add Employee

You can add employees from this section either manually, by CSV or through an integration with Google Workspace or Office 365. 

All Employees need to belong to a Team and have a Work Profile (more info below) and you can choose whether to give them access to the system as soon as you add them, or at a later date. 

Further reading: Adding new Employees

Office Locations

If you have HR Essentials or HR Success, you can set up Office Locations which can then be used by employees to mark their working location in the Location module. 

Further reading: Office Locations

Leave > Admin & Config 


Work Profiles

Every employee in the system needs to be assigned a Work Profile, this is a configuration option which grants them their Leave allowance and sets up their working pattern for their leave calendar as well as granting public holidays. 

Employees are assigned a Work Profile upon being added to the system - depending on how this has been set up, this can calculate their leave allowance for their first year of work (usually pro-rated). 

Take a look at the Work Profiles that have been set up for your organization to familiarise yourself with the naming convention and different configurations - this will help when you need to add an employee to the system. 

Further reading: Work Profiles

Public Holidays

Public Holidays are also configured here -  the current and following years will probably already be set up, and you can import public holidays for future years. 

Further reading: Managing Public Holidays

Allowance Calculator - available to HR Managers only 

The allowance calculator is a really key tool within Appogee HR, as this is what is used to make changes to employee allowances. The Work Profile is what sets up the conditions of the allowance and the calculator confirms these changes. If you ever make a change in the Work Profile, make sure you head to the Allowance Calculator to check what these changes are and save them. 

To use the Allowance Calculator, just select the Team and Work Profile from the dropdown, tick the relevant Leave Years you want to save, then click Update Allowances. 

It's a good practice to check all the teams for each profile, to ensure all employees' allowances have been updated. 

Further reading: What is the Allowance Calculator and how does it work? 

Approval Flows

In order for Leave and Sickness requests to be sent to the right person, Approval flows will need to be set up. Approval Flows can be assigned to a Team or to individuals.

Further reading: Approval Flows

Adjust Allowance Range -available to HR Managers only

If you are planning on changing your Leave Year to have a different start month (for example, January - December becomes April - March), you'll need to use the Allowance Range tool to make this change take effect for employees. The tool will shorten or lengthen a Leave Year depending on when you make the change and then adjust the employees' allowances accordingly. 

In the example above, if you make the change in November, it will lengthen the Jan - Dec leave year to be Jan - Mar and recalculate so that it starts in the following April. 

This tool should only be used on the one-off occasion where you change your leave start month and is not recommended to be used frequently. 

Further reading: Adjust Allowance Range

Bulk Adjust Allowances - available to HR Managers only 

Allowance updates are done using the Allowance Calculator, however there may be an occasion where you need to update everyone's allowance in bulk. The Bulk Adjust Allowances tool will allow you to export a list of employee allowances, update this in a CSV file and then reupload to populate the new allowance. 

This is normally useful in initial system set up and is not recommended to be used on a regular basis. 

Further reading: Bulk Adjust Allowances

Backfill - available to HR Managers only

The Backfill tool allows you to add employee Leave & Sickness requests while bypassing the approval process. This will mean that requests are added to employee profiles in an approved state, but will not get routed to their manager. This is especially useful in setting up the system and importing requests from a previous system or spreadsheet. 

Backfill can either be done manually per request, per employee, or in bulk using a CSV upload. 


Leave & Sickness Types

Employees are able to submit Leave or Sickness requests of different types (e.g. Maternity, Annual Leave, Medical appointment etc). You can configure what these are and various settings within them (e.g. whether they are deductible, recurring requests). 

Leave Security

Manage which of the additional roles in the system have access to various parts of the Leave system.

Compulsory Days

Create Compulsory Leave Days, where employees must take time off, and Compulsory Work Days, where employees are not able to submit leave requests.

Edit Email Templates

Customise any of the system generated email templates to fit with your organisation's leave requirements.

Google Team Calendars (Google Workspace integrated accounts only)

You're able to set up Team calendars which sit in your Google Calendar. This can be for a certain team or all teams and for Leave only, Sickness only or all leave request types. All requests will automatically sync with the employees' personal calendar and the Google Team calendar.

Further reading: Backfill

Profile > Admin & Config

The Profile config area of the application allows you to configure the HR areas of the system to personalise it for your organisation. It's likely this has already been done for your company, so go ahead and review what's been set up and how. 

For HR Essentials and Success packages, the following can be configured: 


Bulk Update Employee Profiles 

Update employee information in bulk via a CSV. This is helpful for getting the system setup or importing lots of employee data at once. 



You are able to configure who gets notified of a change in employee profile data or relative to a date occurring. 

Record Categories & Fields

Employee profiles are made up of Categories & Fields, which is where their data is stored, and in what order. These Categories & Fields can be customised for your organisation so may be set up in a variety of ways. 

Edit Field & Record Security

Fields store employee data and records are physical attachments to employee profiles (documents, photocopies etc). As part of the customisation in the system, you can manage who has access to view & edit these Fields & Records.

Drop Down Lists

Configure which items are available in dropdown lists across the employee profiles. 

General Settings

Configure the General Settings of your Profiles.

Company Docs > Admin & Config

You can upload documents to be shared with your employees by uploading them into Company Docs. Company Docs can be stored in configurable Types, where you can adjust the security settings and access levels. 

More information can be found here: Company Docs

System Config - available to Admins only

The system config area of the application allows you to configure the general settings of the system to personalise it for your organisation. It's likely this has already been done for your organisation so go ahead and review what's been set up and how.

General Settings 

   Within the General Settings, you'll be able to manage various system-wide options for your company, based on the modules you have access to for your package. 


   Change the colour palette and upload your own logo to personalise the system for your company. 

Verified Domains

   Here you can verify different domains for your organisation to use - this means you can add users with different email domains, if your company has a variety. 


   This is an additional configuration option which allows you to separate your employees into different divisions, usually if your organisation has multiple entities or if you need to segment your organisation structure. 

System Integrations

   Enable & manage the following integrations within your Appogee HR account - Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Xero & LinkedIn Talent Hub.

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