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Integrations with other products/applications

Please leave a comment to let us know which applications you would like Appogee Leave to integrate with. If a product you like is listed, please comment that you would like support for it and what your integration needs would be. Suggestions include:

An Appogee Leave API to export data to Harvest time registration system
Sage integration
Freshbooks integration
JIRA integration 

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  • Integrate with documents already stored on sharepoint, option to link to them or even better option to import them by choosing from a drop down list like when you import AD users as new employees
  • Please integrate with Slack. So every day it can send the list of Who's Out to a channel in Slack.


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  • Please integrate with Slack, So the employee can request the vacation and manager can approved on the channel.


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  • Slack pretty please

  • We'd love to see a slack integration where booking leave in appogee updates your slack status to "on holiday". 

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