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New G Suite Out Of Office Events

 The calendar sync from Appogee to Google Calendar currently creates normal ' events'.

Google have come out with a new feature that create special events and one of them is called "Out Of Office" (OOO).

These type of events trigger other things in G Suite, for example, in Gmail and Hangouts, it will notify you if the person you are sending a message to is OOO. This will only work if the OOO event type is used.

My suggestion is that Appogee change the event type they use from 'standard' to 'OOO' to utilise these new features.

Gmail OOO.png
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  • I like this idea, especially as the out of office calendar feature also auto declines calendar events and if you are using Google Voice for G Suite, it can also sends calls to voicemail.

    Not sure if we need this for all leave types though, so is it possible to have the admins say which leave type?

    End users should also be able to specify the OOO auto decline message like they can for OOO in Gmail 

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  • Good point Louisa. Maybe add another checkbox to the leave types (attached for reference). 

    I like the idea of adding the customisable out of office message. Might be easiest to add this to the section when someone ticks that they want to leave an out of office email?

  • Hi Lee and Louisa

    We think this would be a great feature to add to Appogee HR and would make the integration even better. At the moment, this is not something which is supported by the Google API so we are unable to implement the link. We will keep checking back with Google to ensure we make this available as soon as we can! 

    Thanks for your support :) 

    Appogee HR

  •  Hi Megan,

    Could you do a test of if the event title contains or starts with "Out of Office" or "OOO" and see if the event is automatically marked with the correct type (i.e. the same as what happens when you do this via the UI)?



  • Since the 1st Feb, it looks like google has allowed this...

  • Unfortunately, Google have only released this is a read-only field and not a writeable field, hence why we have not been able to integrate this feature at the current time.

    We re keeping a close eye on this as it is something we know that lots of our customers are interested in.  Once Google release the ability to write out of office event types via the API we will again be relooking at this feature enhancement for our customers.
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