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Can I hide Sickness from Calendars?

You may decide that Sickness requests should not be visible to other employees in the internal Team Calendar or External Calendar Syncs. 

Internal Team Calendar

To hide Sickness requests from the Team Calendar, go to Leave > Admin & Config > General Settings > Internal Calendar Settings. 

Untick the option for "Reveal Request Type".

This will remove the "Leave" or "Sickness" descriptor and show all Requests in Green on the calendar, regardless of the type. 

External Calendars

To change the name of external calendar events so that they don't show "Sickness" you have 2 options. 

The name can be set on the General Settings, or it can be overridden per Leave or Sickness Type. 

Go to Leave > Admin & Config > General Settings > External Team Calendar Settings.

Under "Sickness Report Calendar Event Format" choose an item from the dropdown that doesn't include the word "Sick". 

Optionally, if you want to override this per Sickness Type, you can do so from Leave > Admin & Config > Sickness Types > open a Sickness Type > Integration with External Calendars. 

Here, you can Tick the option to Override and include / exclude the word "Sick".

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