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How can I export all data for a specific user?

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

You may need to export data for a specific individual for archival or GDPR purposes.  Users with the appropriate role can request an export from the Employee's record within the Organization menu.  The export process is managed on the Export tab of the user record.

The process involves making a request for an export by clicking the New Export button.  You will then see a confirmation dialog box letting you know that (because this will include sensitive data) all users with the HR role in your organization will be notified of this request.  Clicking OK will commence the collation of the export.  Depending on the quantity of information to be assembled this may some time, but smaller downloads should be ready in a matter of minutes.

Be aware that if you cancel a request once made, the record of the request will be shown with Cancelled after it.  Also, the download will consist of a collection of files - records returned in the format they were uploaded in, and data collated into one or more JSON files.  If this is not a file type you have seen before you can get the background to this file type here

You will receive a confirmation email once the Download is ready with a link back to allow you to collect the file.  The Export tab for the user will also include the Download link to the file, and so will be visible to all users with the HR role.

Download links expire after 14 days as the data content will become stale over time.  Simply request a new export if you missed the download window from the original request.

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