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Why can't I reset my password?

Appogee HR provides a number of options for user authentication, including single sign on with Google Workspace and Microsoft's Office 365.  When an administrator has enabled integration with either service they may have chosen to disable users' ability to sign in just with an email address and password. 

Where this is so, any password changes are to be handled by the relevant office suite.  If you attempt to reset your password at the login screen you will receive an email informing you that password login has been disabled by your administrator and you must use an integrated sign-in button.

If you are using an email address and password...

You can choose to reset your password from the login screen and you will receive an email with an invitation to do so.  Our password policy check for a sufficiently secure password and if you attempt to set a weak password you may get this error message: 

Please make sure any new password includes at least: 

  • 1 capital letter
  • 1 lowercase letter
  • 1 number 
  • 1 of these special characters: 
    • # $ ^ + = ! * ( ) @ % &

Note that we never store your password, only a hashed representation of it.  We do not specify a maximum length for your password.

Administrators can now enable the use of 2 factor authentication so you will need something in addition to just an email address and password to sign in.  See this article for more details:  
Two-Factor Authentication

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