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Setting up Approvers

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

You can set up Approval Flows to cater for different approvers in Appogee HR. Approval Flows can be assigned to Teams or individual employees for Leave, Sick and TOIL.

Configuring Approval Flows

Go to Leave > Admin & Config > Approval Flows. 

Click Create. 

Give your Approval Flow a name - if this is going to be for one Approver, you could use their name or if it's for a Team you could use the Team name. 

Optionally add a Description and the Primary Approver. 

Click to Create & Edit. 

This will open the Approval Flow to give you additional options. 

If you haven't already added an Approver, you can do so by searching for their name in the text box. 

The first Approver will automatically be the Primary approver, you can change additional Approvers to be Alternate Approvers if necessary. Alternate approvers will see the notification for approval within their Appogee HR account but will not receive the email notification. 

When you're happy with the Approval Flow, click Save Changes. 

Repeat this process until you have all your Approvers or Approval Flows set up. 

Assigning Approval Flows

Approval Flows can be assigned to Teams or individuals. 

Assigning Approval Flows for a Team

To assign an Approval Flow to a Team, go to Organization > Teams. 

Select a Team or create a new one. (For information on how to set up Teams, take a look at the following article: Setting Up & Editing Teams).

Go to  Leave, Approvals & Calendar > Approval Flows. 

 From the dropdown, select an Approval Flow. 

Once selected from the list, this will automatically enable for Leave & Sickness (and TOIL, if enabled). 

If you'd like to assign a different Approval Flow for Leave or Sickness, you can select another from the list and tick as appropriate. 

Assigning Approval Flows to an individual Employee

Employee Approval Flows can be configured from two separate places - the Team and the Employee Admin.

Making changes on the Team:

Go to Organization > Teams > Select a Team or create a new one. 

Go to Leave, Approvals & Calendar > Approval Flows. 

Tick the box underneath the Approvers table 'Do you want to override the Team Approval Flows for specific members of this team?'

Once enabled, a table will show with all the Team Members - by default their Approval Flows will show as having been inherited from the Team. 

You can override this by using the dropdown to select a new Approval Flow.

When you're happy with the settings, click to Save Changes. 

Making changes on the Employee:

Go to Organization > Employees > select an Employee from the list > Approval Flows

To make a change, click Override Team Approval Flows. 

A dialog box will appear where you can change the Approval Flows by selecting from the dropdown. 

Make the changes on the dialog box and click to Update Approval Flows. 

The table will then be updated to show the new Approval Flow for the employees. 

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