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Setting up Approvers

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

In Appogee HR, Leave Approvals are configured per team. When you set up a Team you will appoint the Approval Flow and all Approvers are automatically set as Managers of that Team. Although it is possible to remove the Manager Role from Approvers if they are different people. 

Go to Organisation > Teams and create a new team or select one from the list. For more information on how to set up and configure teams, take a look at the following article: Setting Up & Editing Teams

Go to the Leave Options & Approvals tab. 

You can set up different approval flows for Leave, Sickness & TOIL/Comp Time. Sickness and TOIL can be switched off per team too, if it's not something you'd like to track. 

Click on Leave Requests. 

From here, you can add people to the Approval flow for Leave Requests. You can add multiple employees to the approval flow either in the top level, or add up to 3 levels of approver. 

Approvers can be Primary or Alternate. Primary Approvers will receive email notifications when the request is submitted, whereas alternate approvers will only see these requests in their dash once logged in. 

When you add employees to the approver list, ensure you click the 'Add' button on the right hand side, otherwise it won't save. 

If you have more than one approver at one level, you can choose how many are required. 

Once you're happy with the configuration, click Save Changes. 

You can then repeat the process on the Sickness Reports & TOIL Allowance Claims tabs. 

Approval flows can be different for each type, or you can use the 'Copy from' Feature - this will ensure the approval flow is the exact same. 

Alternate Approvers

An alternate approver can approve leave on behalf of a primary approver. They will not, however, receive email notification of requests and reports, but they can click on  Alternative (Under Dashboard) to view requests that have not been approved by primary approvers. This is particularly helpful if the primary approver is not available to approve requests.

Approval Levels

You can set up your approvals in up to three levels. This means that the request will need to be approved by the first level approver, before it's then sent as a notification to the second level.

When you set up a different approval level and also have more than one approver on the first level, you're able to select how many you require an approval from, before it's passed down to the next approver. 

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