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Request Attachments

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR ManagerAdministrator ADU Manager

In this article: 

Enabling attachments

Attachment Security 

Mandatory Attachments 

Within Appogee Leave it's possible to set up optional or mandatory request attachments. These attachments can be used for supporting evidence when making a request, for example for Jury Service. If attachments are switched on, it's possible to add supporting documents at any point during and after the approval flow is complete. If Mandatory attachments are selected for a particular Leave Type, the user will need to ensure they have attached a file, before they can submit the request.

Enabling Attachments

Attachments can be switched on for the entire organisation. Go to Leave > Admin & Config > General Settings.

Once you have this switched on, users will be able to add attachments either at the point of request, or they can add it at a later date. 

In the request dialogue window, there will now be a tick box available, once selected you can either drag and drop files or browse for one on your computer. 

Once complete, you will receive an upload notification. 

You can upload an attachment to a request after it's been submitted, by going to the request and clicking the Attachments tab.

It's also possible to view all requests with attachments, by going to the Attachments tab within the Leave Overview. 

If you switch off the attachments setting in General Settings, the attachments tab above will disappear and you will no longer be able to view the attachments. 

Attachment Security

HR Managers can restrict and enable access to attachments based on user role. Go to Leave > Admin & Config > Security > Request Attachments. 

The default settings provided allow for Users to View, Upload and Download attachments but not to delete them.  If an attachment has been uploaded in error, the request should be cancelled and resubmitted with the correct attachment. 

Managers will need to have the Editor role to be able to View, Download, Upload and Delete attachments for employees. This can be done in the Team settings - go to Organization > Teams > Managers. 

Mandatory Attachments

If you have attachments switched on, it's also possible to enable mandatory attachments per Leave or Sickness Type. To enable this, go to Leave > Admin & Config > Leave Types or Sickness Types. 

You will see on this page there is now an additional column, for 'Attachment Mandatory?' so you can see at a glance which types are enabled. 

To enable this, click on the Leave or Sickness Type and click the tick box for Mandatory Attachments. Users will then have to add an attachment to the request at the point of submitting it - the system will not allow the request to progress without one. 

When an employee submits a request for a type that requires an attachment, they will be presented with the upload screen. 

If the user doesn't add an attachment, they will be presented with an error.

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