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Configuring Return to Work from Sickness

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

In this article:

Return to Work Form

Enabling the Form

As part of a Sickness Report, you are able to configure a Return to Work process. When an employee marks themselves as having returned from sickness, the system can prompt them to answer some questions, provide information or attachments and confirm they are fit to return. 

Return to Work Forms are then sent to the manager to additionally provide any further information and close the Sickness report. 

This article takes you through the configuration of a Return to Work form and how you can enable this on your Sickness Type. For information on how Employees can complete the Return to Work Process, take a look at the following article: Employee Training Guide

Return to Work Form

The Return to Work form can be created by going to Leave > Admin & Config > Return to Work

The configuration is split into the Employee Form and the Manager Form. 

On Employee Form, optionally complete the Intro Text and add at least one field. Fields can be Text - where you ask the employee to provide information or answer a question - or an Attachment. 

A preview of the form will build on the right hand side. 

You can also optionally add a Disclaimer Text which the employee would have to tick to confirm before submitting their Return to Work. 

Once you have completed the Employee Form, move on to the Manager Form.

Here, you can also optionally add an Intro Text for the manager as well as the fields or attachments. 

Next, you will need to select which Manager or Approver will be sent the Return to Work forms. In the case where there are multiple potential managers, the employee will be asked to select which manager to send the return to work to, at the time of submission. HR Managers can change the assigned manager thereafter.

Enabling the Form

Once you have created your Return to Work form, you will need to assign it to your Sickness Types that you would like it to trigger for. 

To do this, go to Leave > Admin & Config > Sickness Types. 

Open the Sickness Type you would like to trigger Return to Work for and scroll to the Return to Work section. 

Change the option for "Initiate Return to Work Process" to Yes. 

In the"Minimum Sickness Length" input the number of elapsed days a request would be before triggering the Return to Work Process.

NOTE: this is the minimum number of elapsed days in the request, not the number of working days.

Make sure you save the Sickness Type and repeat for other Sickness Types as required. 

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