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Recurring Requests

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

For certain Leave Types you may need to submit requests which repeat, for example, working from home every Friday. It's possible to allow your users to submit these requests at once, rather than the 52 requests that would be required for this example.

Enabling Recurring Requests

The feature is administered per Leave Type. 

Go to Leave > Admin & Config > Leave Types. 

Select the Leave Type you'd like to set up recurring requests for or create a new one. 

In the options, select 'Allow Recurring Requests?'.

Click Save. 

Submitting a Recurring Request

Now that you've switched on recurring requests, employees will be able to select a schedule for the request to repeat. 

When selecting the Leave Type with the configuration, employees will be given an additional selection on the create request dialog. 

By default, the option for repeating will be Never, however, the dropdown allows you to repeat as per the following: 

Weekly on selected day 

Fortnightly on selected day 


Once a repeat option has been selected, you will be able to select when the recurring requests end, with the last option being the end of the Leave Year. Recurring requests do not span Leave Years. 

Once submitted for approval, the system will create individual requests for each date of the recurrence, however the Manager will only need to approve one of these. 

Approving a Recurring Request

As a Manager, you will be able to approve all requests in the group, at once, or individually. 

If you need to cancel a Leave Request for whatever reason, you can do so and it will remove it from the group and keep the remaining requests in place. 

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