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Overlapping Requests

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

If you have an approved leave or sickness request and need to create a new one which will clash with the beginning or the end of the original one, the system will give you options to accommodate this. 

Why you'd use it

Let's say you are working from home and on the 3rd day you become sick so need to change your request from Working from Home to Sickness. You could cancel the request altogether, but this would cancel the whole event, including the 2 days you've already worked from home. 

In this scenario, it's possible to override the last days of the request with a sickness report.

The process is documented as follows: 

1. A Leave Request has been submitted and approved:

2. Submit a sickness report that clashes with a request:

You have 2 options - amend dates or proceed and edit request. If you proceed, the system will shorten the original request and submit a new one. 

3. Your approver will receive a request informing them of the clash. 

4. Once approved, the Year at a Glance will update. 

Important Notes

  • This clash feature will not work if the original request is only 1 day long 
  • The original request must be in the approved status
  • A Leave request can clash with a Sickness Report and vice versa - the feature works with any Leave or Sickness type
  • The feature only works if the clash extends the first or last days of the original request - you cannot submit a new request in the middle of a pre-approved request

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