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Sickness requests synching into Xero

Are we able to allow sickness requests to sync into Xero, the same way that annual leave requests do? At the moment it is a manual process to add the sickness requests into Xero once they have been submitted in Appogee, and a sync would make this process a lot easier.

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  • Absolutely should be the case Paul. Otherwise, it makes Appogee an incomplete system and inadequate for the automation of all leave management expected.

  • Agreed, thanks Craig. The other thing is leave cancellations - we need them to either flow through and cancel the leave in Xero automatically, or be able to receive a notification of cancelled leave to action it manually in Xero. At the moment there is no way of tracking cancelled leave other than running a report from Appogee - as far as I know.

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  • I just got a reply from Appogee Paul. 

    "I can confirm that currently sick requests cannot be synced from Appogee HR to Xero due to a limitation in the Xero API, only leave requests are currently supported. Unfortunately this isn't currently something that is in our control."

    So seems like we have to take it up with Xero, and request the functionality in their system.

  • Thanks Craig - something to put on the 'to-do list'!

  • This is the response I got from Xero:

    With Xero Payroll, you can create custom pay items such as sick leave.

    Xero Central: Add a custom pay item



    Once the "Sick leave" pay item is created, Appogee can then retrieve its ID via API by using the PayItems endpoint and then use it to create the Leave Application.

    Xero Developer Central: Payroll API endpoints
    PayItems endpoint -
    LeaveApplication endpoint -

  • Many thanks Craig, that sounds promising. I'll be having a look at this once all the end of year stuff is out of the way.

  • Sure Paul. We will have a go from our end as well. I will let you know if we have luck, and if you can do the same, that would be great.

  • Will do, thanks Craig.

  • Hi Craig,

    It's very encouraging and exciting to know that this feature has been planned, can you let us know what's the ETA of this? and what would the complete feature looks like for Xero and the process of Appogee and Xero sync? 



  • Hi Andrea,

    Sorry, I don't. I am only an end user / customer.



  • Hi craig,

    Thank you for letting me know, appreciate it.

    I am trying to locate someone from Appogee to confirm an ETA. 

    Thank you,


  • Hi Everyone 

    Thanks for your support on this topic. 

    We are working on a feature to map Leave / Sick types to a Pay Item in Xero.   Meaning that you can create a 'Sick Leave' pay item in Xero and map it to a Sick Type in Appogee Leave.  Then any of those sick requests will sync across, it will work much the same as Leave syncing. 

    Unfortunately I am unable to give you an ETA on this, however we're planning on launching it very soon! 


    Appogee HR

  • Hi Everyone 

    I'm pleased to say this feature is now live. To ensure it's set up correctly, please go to your Integration page - System Config > Xero. 

    Head to Request Sync then Sickness Types, match the relevant Sickness Types with your Xero Types and click Save Changes. 

    You can manually sync any previous or future request from the Manual Sync Tab. 

    Hope this helps! 


    Appogee HR

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