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Google Calendar events to be updated when changing team/virtual team.

When a user is moved between teams, Google Calendar events arent updated and moved to the new team's Calendar. Only new requests are synced. 

Currently the team calendar has to be deleted and updated in order for the users previously created requests to show up on the calendar. 

Could this be automated? 

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  • Would like to add to the suggestion, it may be worth looking into ensuring that past requests can also stay on the previous teams Google Calendar rather than being removed and put on the new calendar. 

    (Could look into giving the user a choice when changing teams, move all events to new calendar or sync only new/future events to the new one)

  • Agree all requests should be synced. It is really important to our team managers that when they use the calendars in Google for their team that it shows all requests - no matter when the user created that request. 

    This would mean that the Google calendars are then are the same as the internal team calendar in Appogee which already does this. 

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