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Synchronising request with google calendar when there is a gap between dates

At the moment, if someone works a pattern of work with a half day or more gap between working days (e.g. if someone works afternoons only),  these do not sync correctly to Google calendars.

For example, if someone submits a request for more than one day of leave in one request i.e. Mon-Wed, but they work afternoons only, although you can approve the request in Appogee as one request, the pending and approved leave doesn't synchronise to Google calendar as it sees the mornings as a 'gap' in their leave request, even though the morning isn't set up as part of their normal working pattern.

It would be great if this bug could be fixed so these requests sync correctly

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  • Agree. We have started to see this issue. It leads to lots of sync errors.

    Our team managers really rely on the Google calendars being in sync with the calendars in Appogee. 

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