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Leave - Office 365 team calendars

We would like to have shared Office 365 calendars showing leave for teams/all staff.

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  • Disappointing that the same functionality (sharing an ICS/ICAL link) that is provided for Google Apps can't be surfaced for Office365 so that we can have the same functionality

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  • We are a small company where everyone needs to be able to see what everyone else is doing.

    There's no way to get a whole-company view for normal employees in either the website, or via a team calendar.

    On this basis we can't buy the product, and it's very frustrating that it took so much effort in setting up a trial account to discover this fairly basic functionality is missing.

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  • It would be great if the My Teams calendar on the Dashboard could be integrated with Office 365 to provide a Team calendar in Outlook. Our staff aren't logged into Appogee all the time and need to be able to see easily who is out of the office on leave.

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  • This would be incredibly useful. We already have a shared calendar, it would be useful to be able to send the .ics to that calendar so everyone can see it

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