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public holidays sync to GCAL

It would be great to have a separate Google Calendar for the Public Holidays that we have listed in Appogee...

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  • +1 that would help

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  • Since we are integrated with GSuite, the holidays I enter in Appogee should show up on all our Employee Google Calendars (not a separate Google Calendar).  A separate Google Calendar created automatically by Appogee would be second choice but would sure be better than nothing. 

  • Agreed, being able to see public holidays in Google Calendar as well would be helpful, including the logo(s) that appears in apogee would also be handy. 

    It would also be beneficial to be able to add office closures (over multiple days) to the calendar and auto have that appear in the google calendar. 

  • @Sharon, the issue I have with your suggestion is that those companies that share employee's calendars with each other will see X employees all with the public holiday (i.e. it could be 2-200 events on that same day just for the public holiday). I agree with the principle but depends how it is implemented.

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