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CSV Import - Project Data

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

During set up of the system, you may wish to import historic project data to Appogee HR. This will populate your employees timesheets & project log pages so that you can accurately report on all project time, even that which took place before you started using Appogee HR. 

Using the tool

Go to Time > Config > CSV Import.

Click the Download button to download the template. 

Fill out the template ensuring you add employee email, the date of the activity and the duration spent in minutes. You must add at least one entry in: Customer, Project & Task. 

Once you have filled out the template, save it as a CSV file. 

Click the Browse button to import the file to the CSV import tool, then click Upload & Continue.

The tool will check the attachment and if there are any errors found, the system will present you with them. 

For a list of errors, see below. 

Once you have fixed any errors, re-save the file and repeat the upload process. 

You will then receive a message to say the import has passed validation checks. 

If you're happy with the data, click Continue.

Validation Errors

Below is a list of potential validation errors and what you need to do to fix them: 

Error Message

Employee not found

Change the employee email address or add the employee to the system
Employee not activeChange the employee status to active or joining

Insufficient Access to employee

Employee data must be uploaded by a user who has access to the employee in question. This error shows if you are a Team Manager but do not manage the employee. Team Managers must have the Edit role

It is not possible to import dates in the future

Change the dates to the past

Minutes must be a positive number, less than 1440

Change the number to a positive

At least 1 of Customer, Project or Task must be provided

Input data into at least 1 of the Customer, Project or Task columns

Project not found

Add the Project to the system or change it to one that has already been set up

Project archived

Restore the Project to Active or change it to a different one

Customer not found

Add the Customer name to the system or change it to one that has already been set up

Customer not active

Restore the Customer to Active or change it to a different one

Incorrect Customer for Project

Change the Customer to one that is associated with the Project or vice versa

Task not found

Add the Task to the system or change it to a different one

Task not active

Restore the Task to Active or change it to a different one

Role not found

Add the Role to the system or change it to a different one

Billable is mandatory if Project not provided

Ensure you add 'Y' or 'N' to the billable column
Billable must be Y or NChange the value in the Billable column to either 'Y' or 'N'

Billable must match Project default. Leave blank to auto set

The billable status on the Project is different to what has been added to the template, either remove the value or change it to the opposite

Duplicate Entry

Remove the entry

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