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Time: Project Roles

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

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Setting up Project Roles

Assigning Project Roles

Using Project Roles

When managing time spent on Projects, it may be useful to classify your employees with different Project Roles. This will assist with the cost planning of your Projects, so you can see an rough forecast of your employee time. Each Role can be allocated a default Billable and Cost hourly rate which can optionally be overridden for individual projects. You can additionally give individual employees specific costs, which will make your Actuals more accurate. 

When planning Projects, an estimated number of hours can be allocated to each Role, which produces a Project Estimate cost. When employees track time against a Project, the Role they are assigned is used to measure actual time spent, which creates your Project Actuals.

For more information about Billables, Costings, Estimates & Actuals, take a look at the following article: Billables, Costings, Estimates & Actuals.

Setting up Project Roles

Users with the Project Admin role will be able to set up Project Roles. This will need to be enabled by going to Roles & Access.

To set up Project Roles, go to Time > Config > Project Roles.

You can import the defaults or create your own. 

To import the defaults, click Import Defaults. This will open a dialog box with a list of example Project Roles. Select the ones you wish to import and click Import.

Imported Project Roles will have a Billable & Cost amount of 0, so click the Edit button on the right hand side to add these in. 

Billable is the default amount the Role will be billed to the customer, Cost is the amount this Role costs your business. 

Alternatively, you can add your own Project Roles by clicking the 'New Project Role' button. This will open a dialog for you to add the Project Role name, Abbreviation, Default Billable and Default Cost. 

Fill out the details and click Create. 

Assigning Project Roles 

To assign a Project Role to employees by default, head to Organisation > Employees.

Open an employee and go to the Time tab. 

Select the Default Project role from the list and add the employee's cost rate (which may be different from the default). 

Click Save Changes. 

Repeat this process for all employees you wish to add a Project Role to. 

Using Project Roles

If an employee has been assigned a project Role, they will be able to see this when they start tracking time against a Project. 

The Project Role they have been assigned from Employee Admin will appear by default, however they are able to override this if the Project scope is different. 

The time tracked for each Role will then have an impact on the Project Actuals. 

To view this, go to Time > Config > Projects. Select 'Actuals' next to the Project you'd like to look at. 

The first tab shows you the Actuals broken down by Project Role. 


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