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Time: Project Log

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

You can add time for Projects, Customers and Tasks either on your Today page or from the Project Log. 

To make use of the Project Log, go to Projects > Project Log. 

By default, you will be able to see information for this week, however you can use the blue arrows to look at previous or next weeks, and use the month selector to change view. The default view is also for 5 working days, however you can change this to 7 if you prefer. You can also configure whether you see the specific times relating to your activities, or just the total hours. 

Your activities (Projects, Customers & Tasks) will build up horizontally on the left, while the time you spent on each of these will show per day on the right hand side. 

Click the Add Activity button at the bottom and add your Project, Customer & Task and optionally add a comment.

You may have a Project Role assigned to you, which you will be able to see to the right of the description box. This can be changed, if the work you are doing is different to the role you have been assigned. 

You may also be able to mark if an activity is billable or not, although this depends on your configuration. 

Once you've added the information on the right hand side, you can populate the times on each day either by adding the total hours/minutes or specifying the exact times. 

Click Save and this will add your activity to the Log. 

Repeat this process for all activities you have completed. 

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