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Time: Setting up Projects, Customers & Tasks

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

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Within the Time feature, you can set up your company Projects, Customers & Tasks which can then be used to track time against. Projects, Customers & Tasks can be independent elements, or you can set up a Project linked specifically to a Customer. Projects, Customers & Tasks can be made available for all Teams or selected Teams to track time against. 


To set up Projects, go to Time > Config > Projects. 

Click the New Project button. This will open a dialog for you to complete. 

Most of the elements in the Main Details tab are mandatory, but the Access, Status, Costings & Estimates tabs are all optional. 

Give the Project a name, an optional description, optionally select a customer to align it to (this can be done retrospectively if you have not set up your Customers yet), optionally add a Project Category and pick a colour either from the pre-selected shades or click Custom to add a colour with a HEX or RGB code. 

To use the Custom Colour Picker: 

Click the colour box on the dialog box. 

Either use the dropper to select a colour from your page, or use the gradient selector to choose a colour from the spectrum. 

If you know the RGB code, you can enter it here. 

If you'd like to use a different format of colour code, click the up/down arrow to the right of the RGB section, this will toggle between different types. 


Optional Tabs:


Add additional Project Managers for this Project - you will be added by default. 

Choose whether All Teams or Selected Teams are able to track time against this Project. 


Projects are automatically marked as In Progress, however you can change the status from this tab. If you add Project Dates which start in the future the Project will be marked as Pending and automatically change to In Progress on the start date. When the end date is reached, the Project will automatically change status to Complete.

Costings & Estimates

This tab allows you to plan your Project by adding Project Roles, the anticipated time spent per role and the cost to the business. For more in depth information about Costings & Estimates, take a look at the following article: Billables, Costings, Estimates & Actuals


To set up Customers, go to Time > Config > Customers. 

You can import Customers from CSV file or manually add them. 

Importing from CSV

Click the CSV Import Button, this will take you to the CSV import tool. Click Download to generate a CSV template. 

Fill out the Template with the relevant information and save it as a CSV.

Tips for filling out the template: 

  • The Customer Name, Colour & Active columns are all mandatory
  • Within the Colour column, add a HEX code you want to associate with the Customer
  • Format your HEX code with a hash symbol and all caps, e.g. #F3836B
  • Within the Active column, add either Y or N

Upload your completed CSV template by clicking Browse and searching for the document, then click Upload & Continue.

The Validation step will check your CSV template and let you know if any of your Customers are not importable and along with a reason why. 

If this is the case, you will need to make the necessary changes in the CSV file and reupload it. 

If your template has passed the validation steps, click Continue. 

Once your Customers have been imported, you can click to view them. 

Adding Manually

Click the New Customer button and a dialog will open. Fill out the Customer Name, optional Additional Information and select the Colour either from the configured colours on the page, or by adding your own by clicking Custom. Follow the steps from the Projects section above to select your own Custom colour. 

You can also optionally add a Status and Internal notes using the other tabs in the dialog box. 

When you're happy, click Create Customer.


To set up Tasks, go to Time > Config > Manage Projects > Tasks.

Click the New Task button and a dialog will open. Fill out the Task name, optional Additional Information and select the Colour either from the configured colours on the page or by adding your own by clicking Custom. Follow the steps from the Projects section above to select your Custom colour.

Go to the Access tab and select whether this Task is accessible for All Teams or Selected Teams. 

Optionally change the Status or add Internal Notes to the Task. 

When you're happy, click Create Task. 

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