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Location Planning

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

Employees can use the Location Planning tab to pre-populate the locations they are going to be working from. This tab will show the current month but you can also toggle through to other months if necessary. 

The Location Planning shows the planner view which is also seen on the Today page if you have Clock in & out switched on or the Location section of the menu if you do not have Time.

If you've set up a default routine, the planner will populate the days with your planned locations - shown with a colour outline. 

To book into the location (i.e. to confirm your attendance) just click on it, or click on the tick icon which shows when you hover over the day. 

When you book the location, the box will fill with colour and your attendance will update, as well as the location report. 

You can also click the tick on the left hand side to confirm all locations for the week. 

The Location widget at the side will show you a breakdown of your location attendance for the month. 

The Location widget is also available on the Dashboard if you are a manager, and this will show your teams' location breakdown. 

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