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Review Templates

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Managing Review Templates

About Review Templates

Performance Reviews are categorised by configurable Review Templates which allow you to customise the content of a review, based on its type. HR Managers have the ability to configure review types, either from within the review page itself or from Profile Config. 

Reviews can consist of a number of optional sections

  • Profile Data
  • Leave Data
  • Shout-outs
  • Goals
  • 360 Feedback
  • Manager and Employee Self-Assessment Topics

Managing Review Templates

Go to Reviews > Config > Review Templates. 

There are various pre-configured Review Types which you can edit, or you can create your own by clicking the Create button. If you wish to edit the configuration of a Review Type, click the title. 

The configuration page is split into tabs, to assist you with the creation of the Template. 


In the Details tab you can: 

  • Name the Template
  • Select whether there should be a meeting associated with the Review
  • Configure the Review components from the following list
    • Profile Data
    • Leave Data
    • Shout-outs
    • Goals
    • Manager & Employee Assessment
    • 360 Feedback 
    • Check Ins

For each of these components, you can choose whether Managers have the ability to override these sections within each Review.

If you allow Override with the component switched off, Managers will be able to see the components in the Review, which will be switched off by default but they have the ability to turn it on if they would like to.

If you allow Override and the component is switched on, it will show by default in the Review, but can be switched off if the Manager wants to. 

Profile Data - Default Fields

The Profile Data - Default Fields tab allows you to choose which HR fields you want to show in the Review by default and whether Managers have the ability to override this. 

For each template, you can have any combination of HR data stored with the Appogee HR system, including custom fields you may have added. 

You can choose whether Managers have the ability to override this or not. If you select Managers are allowed to override, they will have the Select Fields button available to them in the Review Doc. 

Edit the fields by either removing them using the x button or adding new ones by clicking the +Add field button.

If you click to add a field, you'll see a dialogue where you can choose which fields to add. 

Assessment Topics

The Assessment Topics tab allows you to configure which Manager & Employee Assessment topics you'd like to include in the Review. 

Assessment Topics can: 

  • Be requested from either the Manager OR the Employee OR both 
  • Include a Rating Scale
  • Include a Weighting
  • Be kept private to the Manager only

Edit the topics by clicking the pencil or click +Add Topic to create new ones. Reorder the topics using drag and drop on the left of the topic.

If you click to add a new one, a dialogue will appear. 

Give the Topic a Name and optional Description and choose who the topic should be completed by. 

Click on the Ratings & Comments tab. 

Select whether this Topic has a Rating associated with it, choose the Rating Scale, what the weighting of the topic is, and whether the manager ratings should be kept private. 

Weightings must be greater than 0 and no more than 1 decimal place.

Select whether the Topic has comments associated with it, choose whether they are mandatory or not and whether the manager's comments should be kept private. 

When you're happy with the configuration, click Add Topic. 

For more information about Rating Scales, take a look at the following article: Rating Scales

360 Feedback Topics

360 Topics allow the Manager to request feedback from the employee's peers or other employees in the organisation. 

Remove 360 Topics using the x button or create new ones using the +Add Topic button. 

If you choose to add a new topic, a dialog box will open for you to add the topic title and if a rating is associated. 

When you're happy with everything in the Review Template, click Save. 


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