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360 Feedback

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR ManagerAdministrator ADU Manager

It's possible to request 360 Feedback either tied to a Performance Review or ad hoc. You can request feedback from anyone with an Appogee HR account within your domain, or alternatively from an external party. 

To request 360 Feedback, go to Performance > Reviews.

Select the employee you wish to complete a review for by using the employee switcher and then choose the review type. Review Type Templates can be configured in Process Config, see the following article for more information: Performance Review Config

Each Review Type Template can contain different 360 Feedback topics, which you can ask the employee to comment on. Placeholders can be added so that the Employee or Manager's name is shown in the request. 

If the Review is 360 Feedback only, you will immediately be able to request 360 Feedback, if the review has other components, you will need to switch to the 360 Feedback tab. 

A dialogue will open where you can add a supporting comment, give the feedback request a due date, and select who you would like to request feedback from. Feedback can be from an employee internally, or you could email someone outside the organisation for feedback.

The 360 Feedback tab under Performance is there to see Feedback, Submitted Feedback and Pending Responses related to that specific user. 360 Feedback within a template is associated with the Review it is within rather than general Feedback like under the Feedback tab. 360 Requests are for Internal or External people associated with the employee for them to submit Feedback on the Employee.

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