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Review Check-ins

Applicable packages
Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

Review Check-ins give Team Managers the ability to make notes on a review throughout the Review Period. It may be useful for managers to collate notes or 1:1 minutes all in one place on the Review Doc.

Enabling Check-ins

Check-ins can be added to Reviews on the Review Template. 

Go to Reviews > Config > Review Templates. Open up a Template or create a new one. 

On the Details tab, switch the toggle to enable Check-ins. Note that this will only add Check-ins to Reviews created after the change, any Review that has already been initiated will not have Check-ins enabled. 

Using Check-ins

Once a Review has been created, Managers will see a Check-in tab. 

Here, they will be able to add any comments into the text box and edit the formatting as necessary. 

Check-in comments will be time & date stamped and appear in reverse chronological order on the page (most recent Check-in at the top). 

Managers will be able to Edit or Delete their Check-ins using the buttons at the bottom right corner of each comment. 

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