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Rating Scales

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Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

Within the Manager & Employee Assessment sections of Performance Reviews, you can ask for Ratings to be completed. 

In order to facilitate the Ratings, you will need to make use of Rating Scales. 

We have provided some examples to be used or you can create your own. 

Go to Process Config > Performance Config > Rating Scales. 

Rating Scales that have been published will show on this page. You cannot change any of the Ratings within published Rating Scales, but you can change the name by clicking the pencil icon. 

Click the Create button to create a new one. 

Fill out the details by adding a Name and optional Description. 

Add your ratings in list format. 

You can use the drag & drop tool to reorder, or click the bin to remove it. 

If you save the Rating Scale as draft, you will be able to edit the Ratings within it and it will not be available to be used within Review Templates. 

If you Save & Publish the Rating Scale you no longer be able to edit the Ratings but it can be used in any Review Template. 

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