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Review Cycles

Applicable packagesLeaveTimeHR EssentialsHR Success

Required RolesTeam Manager HR Manager AdministratorADU Manager

Within Appogee HR its possible to conduct an employee Performance Review which allows you to gather information and feedback about an employee and review specific elements of the their performance across a set time period. 

Review Cycles allow the automatic creation of Performance Reviews according to a customisable schedule. 

To create a Review Cycle go to Reviews > Config > Review Cycles.

Click Create.

Fill out the Cycle Details by selecting: 


  • Which template should be used to create the Reviews
    • You can configure Review Templates by going to Reviews > Config > Review Templates
  • The Review Title
    • You can use the following placeholders:
      • [employee_name]
      • [cycle_iteration] e.g. first, second, third
      • [frequency] e.g. annual, monthly
      • [review_template_name]


  • The status of the Review Schedule
    • Active - this Review Cycle will run as soon as you save it
    • Inactive - Reviews will not be created from this Review Cycle until you choose to change it to active
  • How often Reviews should be created
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Bi-annually (every 6 months)
    • Annually
  • Which date you would like the Reviews to be created
    • Employee's continuous start date
    • Employee's employment start date
    • Probation pass date
    • Custom date
  • When you would like the Reviews to be created
    • On Review date (as chosen above)
    • Relative to Review date (x days before or after the Review Date)


  • Choose whether you'd like to assign the cycle to All Employees
    • If you click no, you'll need to navigate to the Assign To tab. Steps below:
      • Navigate to the Assign To tab to set up the Assignment Rules, you can set up multiple rules for different scenarios. Optionally, you can add names to the Exclude List.
  • Choose whether to automatically initiate Employee Assessment
    • This will send a request to the employee to submit their self-assessment at the same time the Review is created. Managers will always be notified at this stage too

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