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Shout-outs associated with Goals

Shout-outs not associated with Goals

Viewing Shout-outs

Security Settings

You can recognise your employees and increase engagement by submitting Shout-outs for them. If you think a colleague has done a good job, you're able to tell them, and inform everyone else that you value them. 

Shout-outs associated with Goals

Shout-outs can be submitted as part of a Goal,  you will need to be at least a Reader of the Goal in question and the person receiving your Shout-out also needs to be a collaborator on the Goal. For more information on Goal permissions, take a look at the following article: User Roles and Permissions

To submit a Shout-out, open the Goal and click the medal icon in the top right corner of the Goal. A dialogue will appear where you can input the name of the person you are shouting out - you can Shout-out multiple employees if you like. 

All Goal-associated Shout-outs will appear in the Goal Timeline. 

Shout-outs not associated with Goals

For instances when there is not a specific Goal to associate a Shout-out to, you can submit a Shout-out from the Quick Add at the top of the side menu. Click the plus icon to view the menu and select Shout-out from the list. 

Follow the same steps as above to submit the Shout-out. 

Viewing Shout-outs

Shout-outs regardless of whether they're attached to a Goal or not can be viewed in the Recent Shout-outs widget of the Dashboard. This can be filtered to a particular team or all teams. 

You can also view a larger list of Shout-outs by going to Reviews > Shout-outs

This page is split into 3 sections - My Shout-outs, My Submitted Shout-outs and All Shout-outs. 

My Shout-outs will show you all the Shout-outs you've received from other employees. 

My Submitted Shout-outs will show you all the Shout-outs you have submitted and to which employee they are related. 

Finally, you can view all Shout-outs for the organisation by going to the All Shout-outs page.

Security Settings

You can control who has the ability to submit and view Shout-outs within the General Settings. 

Go to System Config > General Settings > Shout-outs.

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