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Employee Assessment Report

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Required RolesTeam Manager HR ManagerAdministratorADU Manager

In this article: 

About the Employee Assessment Report

Generating the Employee Assessment Report

Understanding the Employee Assessment Report


The Employee Assessment Report displays Ratings and / or Comments submitted by Employees and Managers.

Note: only Reviews marked as Completed will be shown in the report. 

Review templates can be configured so that Ratings have scores associated with them. The scores can then be viewed on the Assessment Report to find out employee total scores. 

For information on how to set up Rating Scales & Scores, take a look at the following article: Rating Scales.

Generating the Employee Assessment Report

Go to Reviews > Reporting > Employee Assessments Report. 

Use the dropdown menus to select the Team, Employees, Date Range and Review Template. 

You can also change what you see in the report, by using the checkboxes: 

  • Show Scores
    • This will show the Total Scores the employees have for the Ratings
  • Show Weighted Scores 
    • This will only be available if you select Total Scores 
    • Topics can optionally be weighted differently, this will show the employee scores based on the weighting you set
  • Show Employees with No Completed Reviews
    • This will show all the employees in the selected Team, but data will not be shown if an employee hasn't completed a review within the selected Date Range & Review Template

Understanding the Employee Assessment Report

The Topics column on the left side of the report are based on the Review Template that you have selected. 

Each employee column will be split into two - the Employee's Assessment and the Manager's Assessment. 

Within each Topic row, the Employee Assessment and the Manager Assessment will show an abbreviation of the rating that was submitted. 

The full title of the rating will be visible when hovering over the abbreviation. 

If Comments have been submitted for a Topic, this will show with the blue speech bubble. Clicking on the bubble will open a dialog box with the Topic Comments. 

Show Scores

If you have selected to show Scores, each Topic row will also show the score that has been given to the employee by the Manager, and the score the employee has submitted for themselves. 

A total for each employee and manager assessment will show at the bottom, along with a percentage score.

Show Weighted Scores

If the Topics have been set to have different weightings (e.g. Team work is more important than Problem Solving), the weighted scores will be calculated.

A total for each employee and manager assessment will show at the bottom, along with a percentage score. 

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