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A Manager's Guide to Reviews

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This article is designed for Team Managers to help run Performance Reviews in Appogee HR. Appogee HR is a configurable system, so it is important to note that some of the elements of the Review detailed in this guide may not be available for all Managers. 

For specific detail about your company's Performance process, please liaise with your HR team.

Team Managers will be able to conduct Performance Reviews for the employees they manage. Reviews will either be triggered automatically by the system on a Monthly, Quarterly or Annual basis, or can be created manually. 

Conducting Reviews

If your HR team have implemented Review Cycles, Performance Reviews for your direct reports will be created automatically on either a Monthly, Quarterly or Annual basis. 

You will receive a notification from Appogee HR to let you know that the Performance Review has been created. 

Alternatively, you can create Reviews for your employees manually. 

Go to Reviews. 

Click to Start a new Review and fill in all the information. 

Open the Review and you will see the Review Doc tab - this shows you all the component parts of the Performance Review in a read-only format. This is ultimately what is saved to the employee's profile at the end of the Review process. 

The other tabs across the top will allow you to conduct the Review and gather the information you need. 

NOTE: you may not see all the tabs detailed below, depending on your configuration.


This tab will show you all the Goals that the employee has assigned to them, based on the Review Period of the Review. You can click to enable these Goals and add them to the Review Doc to be discussed. 

If you'd like to create new Goals for the employee to start working on after the Review has been conducted, you can also do that from this tab. 


This tab will allow you to add any Check-in comments throughout the Review Process. Check-ins could be used to collate notes or 1:1 minutes during the Review Period. 

Employee Assessment

This is where you will add your Manager comments relating to the employee's performance. This will be based on Topics that your HR team have added. You may be able to to optionally edit these topics. 

From here, you will also need to send a notification to the employee, requesting that they fill in their assessment topics too. 

360 Feedback

This is where you can request feedback about the employee from other members of the organisation, or external users. The 360 questions will be added by your HR team. You may be able to optionally edit these topics. 

Completing a Review

When you're happy that the Review is finished, click Complete Review at the top. If there is anything that has not been completed you will be prompted with a message letting you know which sections are incomplete.

You are able to complete the review but you cannot go back after this point. You can cancel and make the relevant changes and then complete the review at a later date. 

You can optionally make the review document available to the employee. They will see everything that is available on the Review Doc tab in read only format from their review page. 

360 Feedback is never available for the employee to read. 

If you have Review Cycles enabled, the next Review will be created automatically on the next Review Date. 

If you manually created this Review, you will be asked if you'd like to schedule the next Review for this employee. 

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