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An HR Manager's Guide to Performance Reviews

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This article is designed for HR Managers to help manage Performance Reviews in Appogee HR. 

The following areas of Reviews can be customised in Appogee HR: 

Review Templates

Rating Scales

Review Cycles

Click on the links above to take you to the relevant support article for each of the different configuration options. 

Running Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews can be triggered in 2 ways - automatically by Review Cycles, or manually by the Manager or HR Manager. 

If Reviews Cycles have been created, the Review will be triggered on a Monthly, Quarterly or Annual basis. The employee's Primary Manager will receive a notification prompting them to run the review. 

If the configuration of the system means that the employee is the Primary Manager of the team they reside in, the review will be assigned to their Parent Team manager. 

If no Parent Team has been assigned, all HR Managers will receive a notification that the review has not been assigned. 

Managers can use the following guide to take them through the performance review process: A Manager's Guide to Performance Reviews.

Keeping track of Performance Reviews

HR Managers have full visibility of all Reviews in the system, accessible from Reviews > All Reviews.

You can filter the view on this page to show different review statuses as well as the team or employee. 

If an employee has been requested to submit their Assessment or provide 360 Feedback for another colleague, you can view these requests and send reminders if necessary from the Team Actions page. 

Got to Checklists > Actions & Notifications.

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