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The best way to enable event driven allowances like Jury Service or Maternity Leave

What are Event Related Absences?

Most people think of annual entitlement allowances when considering what to track in Appogee Leave, and these are configured with annual leave and (where required) sickness allowances.  There are many other allowances that employees may be entitled to which are driven not by year, but by an event.  Examples would include maternity/paternity leave, bereavement/compassionate leave, jury service or for public service duties.  These are best handled by setting up Non-deducted leave types for each you wish to support.  

Setting up Event Related Leave Types

Appogee Leave includes a default set of these which can be imported and amended under 

Leave > Admin & Config > Leave Types 

As shown in the screen below.  You can delete any you don't want by selecting the checkbox to the left of the item and clicking the Delete button.

Click into any of these Leave Types to amend the label, comments for administrators, select an icon from a palette of icons provided and set a Leave Type to be Non-deducted by selecting No against Deducted Leave.  If you check the checkbox for Request Specific Detail you can enter text to be presented to the user at the time they make their absence request.  This could include instructions for how to get this event related absence authorized (eg a link to a Company Document containing the Policy) and/or instructions to submit evidence of the need for this absence.

Requesting Event Related Leave

Making an absence request for a Non-deducted leave type is done in the same way as making any other request but the employee uses the drop down box to change the leave type requested.  Non-deducted Leave Types are clearly identified to users as they are separated from any Leave Types that will deduct from an allowance. 

They will be prompted to supply information to support the request as specified in the Requested Detail field in the Leave Type.  Where evidence needs to be supplied to support the claim this can now be uploaded and attached to the request.  The only exception to this is where the ability to add attachments to Requests has been disabled by the Admin under Leave > Admin & Config > Leave Security > Request Attachments.

The prompt for the information to supply is taken from the Leave Type detail screen appears beneath the Reason box, and then beneath that you will see (if you are set up to use Google Calendar a prompt to set GMail out of office and) an option to allow the upload of attached information.  In this case that could be a scan of the letter requiring Jury Service attendance.

Most common file types are supported as attachments.  Any attachments which are uploaded to a request will remain with that request.  They will be visible according to the permissions defined under Leave > Admin & Config > General Settings > Leave Security which normally allows access to view, download and upload attachments for Users, Team Managers, HR Managers and HR Assistants.  
Users should not be required to attach information to an absence request where it would not be appropriate for such users to have visibility of the attachment.  Such information can be uploaded to OneDrive or Google Drive (with appropriate sharing permissions set) and a link to that document included in the Reason text box.

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