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What is Carry Over?

You can set up Carry Over within a Leave Profile, which automatically moves remaining allowance from one leave year to another. 

NOTE: Carried over allowance will show on the employees' allowance from the first day of the new Leave Year. This means employees will only be able to use their carried over amount once the new Leave Year has started. 

Carry over only occurs once - on the turn of the Leave Year. If you configure a carry over amount after the Leave Year has changed, it will not retrospectively add the carry over to your employees' allowances. 

Carry Over can work with Leave, Sickness, Custom 1 and Custom 2 Allowances.

Go to Leave Admin > Leave Profiles > select a Leave Profile > Entitlement Settings.

There are various components of configuring carried over allowance.

Max Carry over - If an employee has unused allowance at the end of a leave year, you can define the maximum allowance they can carry over into their new leave year.

Let's use an allowance of 20 days, and max carry over of 5 as an example. An employee uses 14 days leave so has 6 remaining. At the turn of the leave year, the system will automatically move 5 of these 6 days into the next year's allowance.

Carry Over Debt- If switched on, an employee will be able to exceed their allowance. 

Using the same example of 20 days, an employee wants to submit leave which will mean their total used leave for the year is 24. They will be able to submit the leave request and their new balance will be -4. 

Carry Over Expiry- If an employee carries over unused leave into the new leave year, an expiration date can be defined on the leave carried over.

If you set an expiry for 3 months, an employee has carried over 5 days. At the end of March, they have taken 3 days leave, the remaining 2 will expire and they will be unable to use it. 

Include TOIL in annual carry over- TOIL can be included in the carried over leave.

An employee has 4 days remaining leave, and has earned 1 day of TOIL, if switched on, they will be able to carry over both, as the max carry over is 5. 

Carry Over will show in the Allowances table. 

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