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Team Calendar

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Required RolesTeam Manager HR ManagerAdministratorADU Manager

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Setting up the Team Calendar

Access to the Team Calendar


The Team Calendar is a view in Appogee Leave where employees can not only see their own time off, but that of their colleagues & peers. By default the Team Calendar will be shared with team members & team managers, but it is possible to share each Team Calendar with all other active employees for full transparency & visibility across your organisation. 

Setting up the Team Calendar

To access the Team Calendar, go to Leave > Team Calendar. 

By default, the Leave Type will not be visible to employees - this means they will see all Leave in the Team Calendar in a solid dark green colour. 

If you'd like employees to see the type of Leave that their colleagues has selected (including Non-Deducted Leave Types), you will need to change the Internal Calendar Settings. 

Go to Leave > Admin & Config > General Settings > Internal Team Calendar Settings. 

Choose which of the options you'd like to enable / disable: 

  • Allow Managers to view All Teams in Team Calendar?
    • If enabled, As well as seeing their own team, Managers will have an option to view All Teams at once in the Team Calendar
  • Reveal Request Type
    • If enabled, the type of request (Leave or Sick) will be shown on the Team Calendar, Leave will be green and sick shows in red. If disabled, all requests will show in green with no event title
  • Reveal Leave Type
    • If enabled, the name and optional icon will show on the Leave Team Calendar. Deducted Leave requests will show in dark green, while non-deducted Leave requests will show in a lighter green. Sick will show in Red and the Sickness Type is never revealed

Access to the Team Calendar

By default, the only calendar that employees can see is the one of the Team they belong to. However it is possible to open this up to other employees, or restrict it further. 

This can be done within each team. 

Go to Organization > Teams > open a Team > Leave, Approvals & Calendar > Calendar.

Underneath the 'Internal Calendar Options' there is a dropdown - Who should have access to this Team's calendar?

The options are: 

  • None (disabled)
    • No one will be able to select this Team when looking at the Team Calendar
  • Team Managers
    • Only Managers of the Team will be able to see this Team's Calendar
  • Team Members and Managers
    • Only Members & Managers of the Team will be able to see this Team's Calendar
  • All Active Employees
    • All users will have access to view this Team's Calendar

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