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Time off in Lieu / Compensatory Time

Applicable packagesLeave TimeHR EssentialsHR Success

Required RolesTeam Manager HR Manager AdministratorADU Manager

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What is TOIL?


Adding Time

Requesting TOIL

What is TOIL?

Employees can request to add Time off in Lieu or Compensatory Time through Appogee HR when they have worked additional hours outside their normal working hours. Once approved, this will then give them additional Allowance to take. These additional hours can be added to employees' normal Annual Leave allowance or you can set up a separate Time Off in Lieu (TOIL) allowance, so it can be tracked independently. 


The first setting to configure is whether you'd like to track employee TOIL/Comp Time hours in their Leave Allowance, or in a separate pot, which allows it to be tracked independently. 

To configure this, go to Leave > Admin & Config > General Settings > TOIL / Comp Time.


Choose whether you would like approved time to be added to Annual Leave Allowance or a separate TOIL Allowance. 

From here, you can also change the label for the term; whether this is TOIL, Comp Time or a custom value. 

NOTE: Changing the way you manage TOIL/Comp Time requests will have an impact on employee allowance as the requests are moved from Annual Leave to TOIL/Comp Time and vice versa. Please try to avoid changing this setting frequently. The below impacts should be considered before making this change.

Enabling Separate TOIL Allowance: 

  • A new TOIL Allowance will be enabled for all employees. TOIL Allowances have their own Carry Over rules which can be configured from Work Profiles. 
  • When employees submit TOIL/Comp Time requests, they will be added to the TOIL Allowance instead of the Annual Leave allowance.
  • The current TOIL/Comp Time values from the Annual Leave Allowances for all employees will be moved to the new TOIL Allowance. This may result in some employees Annual Leave allowances being reduced.
  • A new deducted Leave Type will be added which will allow employees to request TOIL Requests made with this Leave type. Requests made with this Leave type will be deducted from the TOIL allowance instead of the Annual Leave allowance.

Disabling Separate TOIL Allowance:

  • All existing TOIL Allowances will be disabled for all employees.
  • When employees submit TOIL/Comp Time requests, they will be added to their Annual Leave Allowance, instead of the TOIL allowance.
  • The current TOIL/Comp Time values from the TOIL Allowances for all employees will be moved to the Annual Leave Allowances.
  • The current Carry Over values from the TOIL Allowances for all employees will be appended to the Annual Leave Carry Over Allowances. This cannot be undone.
  • All existing TOIL Requests will be moved from the TOIL Allowance to the Annual Leave Allowance. This cannot be undone.

When you're happy with the changes, click Save Changes. 

Next, we need to enable TOIL/Comp Time on the Team profile. Go to Organization > Teams. Select a team and go to the Leave, Approvals & Calendar tab. Then scroll down to TOIL Allowance Claims. 

Tick the box to allow members of the team to submit requests and then add the approvers. 

When you're happy, click Save Changes. 

Adding Time

Once Overtime has been activated on the Team setting, users will get an additional option when submitting a Request so they can Claim Time.

The employee will select the date that they worked in addition to their normal working hours and submit this for approval, as per the approval flow. 

When TOIL/Comp Time is approved, it will reimburse the employees allowance with the amount they've requested. Depending on the settings, this will either be added to their Leave Allowance, or a separate TOIL allowance. 

Employees will be able to see this in their Allowances table as well as their Requests tables. 


Requesting TOIL

If an employee has enough allowance, they are able to submit a TOIL request, which will use up the additional hours that they have earned. 

To do this, they will need to submit a normal Annual Leave Request and select TOIL from the dropdown list. 

Once approved, this will deduct the relevant amount either from their Annual Leave or their TOIL pot, depending on the configuration. 

Requests to take TOIL will follow the same approval flow as normal Annual Leave. 

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