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Categories & Fields

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

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What are Categories & Fields?

Creating Categories & Fields

What are Categories & Fields?

Each employee profile is made up of Categories & Fields which allow you to store information and records related to the employee. A Category is a section within an HR Process and Fields make up the data within the Category. Categories are grouped by the HR Processes supported in Appogee HR - Personal, Employment, Performance, Learning and Assets. 

Creating Categories & Fields

Go to Profile > Admin & Config > Record Categories & Fields.

In the Category Details tab, select which HR Process you want the Category to appear under and add the Name and Description of the Category.

In the Record Security tab configure the default access to Employee Records for Employees and Team Managers. Employee records are defined as any kind of attachment you wish to add to the employee profile. 

For further information on Record Security including Advanced Options, see here.

In the Fields & Security tab, add a Sub Category Name (this can be the same as the Category Name) located near the top right and add an initial Field Label (additional Fields can be added later).

Click the New Field and you will be directed to the Security set up section. Use the dropdowns to select the access type for the Field per user role. 

NOTE: The Restricted Staff (Optional) roles column will still show in this view even if the roles are not assigned to any employee. 

For more information on the Restricted Staff roles, see the following articles: What are the user roles? and Configuring user Roles & Access.

To complete the Category creation, you will need to configure the Field Types, switch to Edit and select which field type you want and click Save Changes. You can also add new Fields to this Category here, click New Field. Any new field will need to have the relevant Security settings configured.

Fields can be of the following type: 

  • Text
  • Paragraph
  • Dropdown
  • Date
  • Currency
  • Number
  • Table

Currencies can be configured in General Settings. You can restrict users of the system to use certain currencies, or allow it to be open for them to edit.  

You can edit and add Fields to your Category using the Edit mode, ensuring you use Security mode to set the Security settings for each role. If you want to see how the category will look for each user role, you can use Preview mode to switch between views. 

Once you are happy with the new Category & Fields, and have configured the security settings for additional Fields, click Save Changes.

Creating a table

You can add a table to any Category, by adding a new field and setting the type as table. 

The initial table field will be defined as table and the following fields will be text. Each text field denotes a column on the table. 

Edit Mode:

Security Mode: 

Once your table has been configured, you will be able to add items as rows and save your changes

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