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Making changes to Categories & Fields

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

In this article: 

Editing, deleting and restoring Categories & Fields

Moving Categories & Fields

Editing, deleting and restoring Categories & Fields

You can edit Categories & Fields in the same way you would create them.

Go to Process Config > Categories: Records & Fields.

As an Admin you are able to make the following changes:

  • Edit/Add/Remove Categories
  • Edit/Add/Remove Fields
  • Change the Security access for Fields
  • Edit/Add/Remove Sub-Categories & Fields
  • Delete & Restore Categories & Fields
  • Use Preview mode to check you are happy with the access for each user role

It is also possible to configure Categories from the page they appear, using the Config icon on the right hand side. This may be useful if you are looking at an employee's profile and notice there are Fields missing.

Go to the Category you wish to edit > Config.

This will take you directly to the Edit section of the Config pages where you can Edit the Fields and Security and check the access using Preview mode.

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Moving Categories & Fields

Moving Sub Categories:

You may want to move a Sub Category from one Category to another. 

Go to Process Config > Categories: Records & Fields. 

Click on the Category the Sub Category is currently in and go to Fields & Security. Click on the pencil icon and click Change Category. 

A dialog box will pop up where you will be able to select the new Category destination. 

Select the new Category and click OK. You will receive a confirmation dialog box and the page will refresh. 

Moving Fields: 

There are two ways you can move Fields within a Category or Sub Category. 

Go to Process Config > Categories and Fields Overview. 

Click on the Category you wish to edit the Fields of and then select Fields and Security.

Make sure you're in Edit mode and then use the dots to drag the Fields into a new order. 

From this view you can also use the Options icon to move the Fields.

A dialog box will open where you can select where you would like to move the Field to. This gives you more flexibilty and options as you are able to move between Categories and Sub-Categories. 

Select the destinations you would like and then click OK. You will receive a confirmation dialog bx and the page will refresh.

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