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Linked Fields

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

 Linked Fields allow data from tables to be presented elsewhere on an Employee Profile.

In order for Linked Fields to work, the referenced table must enforce a sort order. The value presented in the Linked Field on the Employee Profile will then be the first or last value according to the sort order.

For example, the Job History table contains "Start Date" and "Salary" fields. It may be desirable to show an employee's Salary elsewhere on the Employee Profile. This is possible by creating a Linked Field that references the salary data from the Job History table. The sort order on the table will ensure the value is the most up to date. 

Creating a Linked Field

For this example, we're going to link the Job History Table with the Salary field. 

Open or create a custom table for the field you'd like to link. The table must have a sort order enabled for the Linked Field to be created.

This needs to be done via the config, as the sort order on the HR fields themselves is just for visibility. Go to Profile > Admin & Config > Categories & Fields Overview and under Employment select Job History.  Select Fields & Security Switch to the Edit mode and click the Configure button next to the first item in the table to open the dialog which will allow you to select the sort order. 

Now we can create a Linked Field in the config. 

Use the Change Process / Category switcher in the top right corner to change to Salary. Now view this in Edit mode and create a new field called Salary. Set the type as Linked Table Field. 

Select a Category and view in Edit mode and then create New Field and select the type of Linked Field.

Click Configure. 

This will then open a dialog where you can select which table item you'd like to have represented in your field. 

For this example, we will select Job History as the Category and Salary as the Table Field. 

Click Save Changes. 

Viewing and Editing a Linked Field

Once you've enabled a Linked Field, you will be able to view it in the Employee Profile.

The field is Read Only, but changes can be made from this page, which will update the table at the same time. 

To edit the data, click the pencil icon. 

A dialog will appear where you can either update the existing row or make the change by adding a new row.

Any changes made at this point will be reflected in both the Employee Profile Field and the Table. 

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