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Office Locations

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

In this article: 

About Office Locations

Setting up Office Locations

Adding Office Locations to employees

Viewing Office Locations 

About Office Locations

Within Appogee HR it's possible to set up one or more Office Locations to assign to your employees. This is especially useful for companies with more than one location, or when you have remote workers. Office Locations can also be used in the Onboarding Portal, a feature only available in the HR Success package. 

Office Locations are made up of an address and optional Zones. Office Locations and Zones can then be applied to each employee and is visible in the Directory, so you can see at a glance who is working where. 

Additionally, Office Locations can be used to manage employee working Locations to understand capacity or view calendars to show where your employees are working from. This is part of the Location module, more information can be found here: Location Recording.

Setting up Office Locations

Go to Locations > Config > Locations 

Click the Add button at the bottom to create a new Office Location. 

A dialog will appear where you can start to input the address, if the address is known, a map will appear on the right hand side. 

You can drag and drop the pin on the  map to ensure it's the exact location. 

Click Save. 

Once you have added an Office Location you're able to set up different Zones within that Location. 

Click Add Zone and input the name. Office Locations can be made up of multiple Zones, once added they be nested under the Location within the table. You can use this to setup different areas within the office locations if you wish to specify where an employee or team might be or help to plan and designate areas for employees and designate a max capacity if there are health and safety requirements.

Adding Office Locations

Adding an Office Location to Employees individually: 

Go to Organisation > Employees. Select the employee you wish to update and click Employee Profile by selecting the name. From the dropdown, select the Office Location and optionally add the Zone. Click Save. 

This can also be from their Profile Employment module where location can be selected.

Adding Office Locations in bulk:

Go to Leave & HR Admin > Bulk Update Employee Profiles. 

Select your teams from the list and then choose the Employment HR Process. 

Click Next & the template will download. 

Add the Office Location and optional Zones to the template and save it as a CSV file and reupload it. 

Click next to validate the CSV sheet, when this has been checked by the system you will be able to click Complete Update. 

Viewing Office Locations

Office Locations are visible to all employees who have access to the Directory. 

Office Locations are also visible on the employee profile, provided you have relevant access to the employee. 

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