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Configuring your Org Chart

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

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Structuring your Org Chart

Switching the Org Chart on or off


The Org Chart within Appogee HR builds itself based on the information you provide in the Organisation section. Add Employees through the many different add features (see instructions here: Adding New Employees), and then configure the reporting lines within the Team menu. 

Structuring your Org Chart

Go to Organisation > Teams and select the team you wish to see at the very top of your Org Chart. 

On the Main Details page, there is a drop-down for Parent Team, to configure the team at the top, select No Parent Team

You can then go to the Main Details page of the other Teams and select the Parent Teams for these. In the screenshot below, the Management Team has been configured to have No Parent Team.

Note that if you set other teams to have "No Parent Team" they won't appear on the Org Chart at all.

If you open the Org Chart and it has not been configured, there will be a message across the top with a link to the Organisation page. 

NOTEIt's only possible to have one Manager appear in the Org Chart. This is based on the set-up within the team and the employee with the 'Primary Manager' role.  

Switching the Org Chart on or off for specific Roles

It's possible to switch the Org Chart and Directory on or off by role. To configure this, go to Directory > Config.


If you have ADUs (Divisions) enabled for your Organization be aware that Parent teams must always be within the same ADU as the child ADUs. Each ADU will have its own Org Chart, although note that an ADU with only 1 team will not have an Org Chart to show since (as noted above) at least one team needs a Parent team to be defined to allow an Org Chart to be constructed.

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