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Leave: Editing Leave or Sickness Requests

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Once you have submitted a Leave or Sickness request, you may need to make a change to the dates. 

Rather than submitting your request for cancellation and then having to resubmit it, you'll be able to make a request to edit it. 

The 'Request Changes' process will notify your approver of the amendments that you'd like and they will be able to approve or reject the change. 

Requesting a change to your request

Open a request that is in the Approved status. 

Click the Request Changes button. 

The request dialog will appear where you can make your changes. 

Make the necessary changes and click Request Changes. You'll then be required to add a reason for changing the request. 

Once you've submitted your change, your approver will be notified. 

Receiving a change request as an Approver

When an employee submits a change request, you'll receive an email and in app notification. 

The notifications will highlight what changes the employee is requesting. 

If you choose to approve the changes, the employee's request and allowance will be updated accordingly. 

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