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Time off in Lieu - Employee Training Guide

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What is Time off in Lieu?

Time off in Lieu (TOIL) or Compensatory Time Off (Comp Time) is used when an employee has worked more than their contracted hours and would like to make an allowance claim for those additional hours to be taken as time off

TOIL or Comp Time can be customised so it is labelled with the most appropriate terminology for your organization's requirements. For the purpose of this document, we will be referring to it as “TOIL” from now on.

Once a TOIL Allowance claim has been made it will go through an Approval process with either their line manager or someone else in charge of these claims. Once the request has been approved the user will see these hours either added to their Annual Leave balance or into a separate Allowance called TOIL (Both ways will be shown below). The employee can then make a Leave Request and choose the Leave Type as TOIL in order to use the hours that they have claimed.

TOIL in Action

In this Guide, we are going to use the example of Arjun Sharma who worked an additional 4 hours on 2nd August 2023 in order to finish a project.

  1. Submitting an Allowance Claim

Arjun would need to go to his Year at a Glance and then click New Request, then the Request dialog will pop up.

He would then select the TOIL Allowance Claim option and enter the dates that he worked in addition to his normal working hours.

After this, he can provide his reasoning and then he will see a summary of the request and who his request will go to.

Once this has been approved he will be able to see this by going to Requests > TOIL.

If TOIL is set up to be tracked in a separate allowance, Arjun will be able to see this on his Allowances page in the TOIL column and Accrued TOIL Allowance row.

If TOIL is set up to be tracked within Annual Leave, it will show in the Leave column,  Accrued TOIL Allowance row of the Allowances table.

    2. Using TOIL Allowance

Now that Arjun has received this time back, let's have a look at the process of how he uses these additional hours. 

First Arjun will have to go to Year at a Glance and then New Request. 

In order to use the TOIL allowance he has claimed, he needs to choose Leave Request and then ensure he sets the Leave Type as TOIL.

As he only has 4 hours of balance, he is choosing to have the Morning Only off which uses only 3.75 hours, leaving him with 0.25 hours remaining. He will then see a summary of the request before completing it. 

This will then be treated as any other Leave Request and go through the same Approval Process as normal. 

Viewing your own TOIL

In order to look at any TOIL Allowance Claims and TOIL Requests for yourself, go to the Request page and then switch from Leave to TOIL. 


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