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HR Success: Set Up Guide

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

The features detailed in this article are available as part of our Appogee HR Success package. If you're interested in upgrading to take advantage of this feature, please get in touch with the Sales team, email or speak to your Customer Success Representative.   

This article details the set up options you will have within the Appogee HR Success package. Please use the Appogee HR Essentials Set up Guide to get started with initial configuration of your Appogee HR Account prior to following this guide. 

Advanced Performance

Advanced Performance is split into Performance Reviews & Goals. 

Performance Reviews

Employee Performance Reviews which allow you to gather information and feedback about an employee and review specific elements of the their performance across a set time period.  Management of Performance Reviews is done through Review Type Templates. The Performance Review will allow you to gather 360 Feedback from across the organisation and once complete, can be saved to an employee's Performance Profile. 

Configure your Performance Reviews settings by going to Process Config > Review Type Templates.

Review Type Templates allow you to configure specific elements which can make up a template, so that you can run different types of Review. 

We've added some defaults for you, but feel free to edit these or create your own. 

Within each template, you can configure different elements, such as which Profile Data to include, whether you include Leave data, and what the Manager & Employee Assessment comments are. 

For more information on how to use and configure Performance Reviews, take a look at the following articles: Performance Reviews & 360 Feedback, Performance Review Config, 360 Feedback


 Goals enables you to track your Company, Team and Personal objectives within Appogee HR. You can configure the sharing permissions to enable cross company collaboration or monitor personal development goals.

Configure your Goals settings by going to Process Config > Goals Config. 

From here, you can set up different settings for Goal Creation & Approval, Goal Visibility and Tasks. You can choose whether the creator of a Goal has the ability to override the default sharing permissions. 

It's also possible to select when Goals automatically lock & expire. 

For more information on how to set up and use Goals, take a look at the following articles: Using Goals, Goals User Roles & Permissions & Goals Configuration


The Onboarding Portal helps you get new starters to feel at home in your organization quickly as well as getting them productive quickly by dealing with routine induction tasks before their first day. It’s possible to add new starters to Appogee HR prior to their start date, to assist with their Onboarding into your company. They will be given access to the Onboarding Portal, which you can configure, and is a place for them to give you their personal information as well as a chance to review company documents or upload their personal records.

To configure the various settings within the Onboarding Portal, head to Process Config > Onboarding Portal. 

From here you can select the default settings for the portal, such as a welcome message, default fields & company documents. 

For more information regarding the set up of the Onboarding Portal, take a look at the following articles: Configure the Onboarding Portal for your Company, How to Create a Top Notch Onboarding Process & Using the Onboarding Tab.

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