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Menu Redesign - April 2023

Applicable packagesLeaveTimeHR EssentialsHR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

We take on our customer feedback regularly and implement feature updates based on these suggestions. A fair amount of feedback relates to navigation of Appogee HR and settings not always being in the most intuitive locations. 

To address that, we have implemented a new menu structure. 

The items under Process Config, Leave & HR Admin & General Settings have been moved to sit within their correct process area. For example, all Leave management will be accessible from the Leave item in the menu (rather than Process Config & Leave Admin), while Company Document management will move from Process Config to Company Docs.


The aim of this project is to streamline the menu and allow for easier configuration and admin. 

The Process Config and Leave & HR Admin pages will remain in the menu until 30th June, to allow existing users time to adapt to the new structure.

These pages will show a list of the features and where they have been moved to. The table can be seen below: 

ItemFunctionalityPackageMoved to
Leave Admin
  • Work Profiles
  • Approval Flows
  • Public Holidays
  • Allowance Calculator
  • Adjust Allowance Range Tool
  • Bulk Adjust Allowances
  • Backfill
AllLeave > Admin & Config
Leave Config
  • Leave Security
  • Leave Types
  • Sickness Types
  • Compulsory Days
  • Email Templates
  • Google Team Calendars
General Settings - Leave
  • Historical Requests
  • Minimum Days Notice
  • TOIL / Comp Time
  • Active Leave Years
  • Leave Start Month
  • Gmail Out of Office
HR Profile Admin
  • Bulk Update Employee Profiles
HR Essentials & HR SuccessProfile > Admin & Config
HR Profile & Field Config
  • Categories: Records & Fields
  • Drop Down Lists
  • HR Notifications
General Settings - Employee Records
  • Google Drive file picker
  • Microsoft OneDrive file picker
Onboarding Config
  • Onboarding Portal
HR SuccessOnboarding > Configure Portal
Performance Config
  • Review Templates
  • Rating Scales
  • Review Cycles
HR SuccessPerformance > Config
General Settings - Shout-out
  • Shout-out Visibility
  • Shout-out Creation
Goal Configuration
  • Creation & Approval
  • Goal Visibility
  • Task Status Sets
  • Auto Lock / Archive
HR SuccessGoals > Config
General Settings - Location
  • Location Notifications
  • Location Security
HR Essentials & HR SuccessLocation > Config
General Settings - Time
  • Clock-in Notifications
  • Minimum duration settings
HR Essentials & HR SuccessTime > Config

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