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Using Appogee Goals

Appogee Goals has currently been released to early adopters, please get in touch if you're interested in finding out more.

Access Appogee Goals by selecting the Goals item from the navigation menu.

My Goals

The My Goals section will provide you with a current status overview of any Goals you own or collaborate on, with an overview of its completion status. The main heading of the tile is the Objective and the Key Results are listed below, each with their own progress bar, a total percentage of Goal completion is also shown, along with its alignment and status.

You can filter your view by selecting the tiles across the top of the screen. The four filter tiles to the left allow you to filter by Goal type - Company, Team or Personal, with differentiation between Personal Goals you collaborate on and Personal Goals you own. The 6 tiles to the right allow you to filter by status and time, with Draft, Pending & Rejected being status filters for Goals in Draft mode, and Future, Current and Expired being time filters for approved Goals. 

You can also switch from the grid view to a more traditional list view, and view the alignment of your Goals, which shows the hierarchical alignment between your Goals. 

If you have the HR Manager or Goals Manager role and use the Employee switcher in the top right corner, this menu item will change to Their Goals. 

All Goals

This page shows you all Goals you have visibility of (as opposed to those you are an explicit collaborator on). The layout of this page is the same as the My Goals page with additional options for filtering by Team and Employee.

My Approvals

All Goals have to go through an Approval process which is configured at the Goal level. If you are an approver, you will receive an email and any outstanding Approvals will appear on this page. The key information will be shown on this page, open your Goal and choose whether to Approve or Reject it. It will be clear if you have any pending approvals, as the number in brackets highlights how many you have. 

Goals Detail

Clicking into a Goal from My Goals or All Goals will display detailed information on both the Goal and associated Key Results. This screen also shows Tasks associated with the Goal and a timeline of updates to it, with Check-ins and Shout-outs, as well as any status updates. Depending on the visibility you have on the Goal, you may be able to log progress against Key Results and submit Check-ins. Goals can be shared with the following roles: Editor, Reader and Check-in. 

EditorAccess to edit the Goal. Gives access to Check-in, Shout-out, update Key Results and share with others
ReaderAccess to read the Goal. The Goal will show in the user's All Goals page and they will have the ability to Shout-out.
Check-inAccess to read and Check-in on the Goal. The same as reader with the additional Check-in function

Making Changes

Progress against Key Results will typically be reviewed on a regular basis and any change logged. Appogee Goals aggregates progress across all Key Results associated with a Goal to become the progress indication on the Dashboard screen for the Goal. This ensures all users with visibility of the Goal can see it progressing to completion and the history of the updates provide a timeline of changes. 

The timeline that appears on the Goal detail screen logs all activity against the Goal. Goals which are in Draft mode will show draft revision activity, but once approved and active, they will show activity related to progressing the Goal. Drafting activity can still be viewed by using filters available on the timeline. Once the Goal is in Active state, the timeline will show all updates including Check-ins, Shout-outs and status changes, these can be filtered to show specific updates from within each category. 

Shout-outs will show in the timeline with the green thumbs up icon, and the profile photo of the employee the Shout-out is for. Check-ins will show in the timeline with the blue speech bubble icon. Any Key Results updates will show with up or down arrows determining whether the progress has increased or decreased. 

It is also possible to update the status of the Goal by clicking the status update pencil icon within the Goal. You can change this from On Track to Blocked or At Risk. A Goal will automatically be assigned the status of Not started once it's been approved, and automatically change to In Progress & On Track when the progress is updated. 


Tasks are associated with a Goal but relate to activities in support of achieving Key Results. These will specify how a Key Result is to be achieved. Tasks are detailed in nature, often with a short time target - typically the kind of actions that may be discussed during a one-to-one session between a team leader and an individual contributor. 

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