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Goal Reports

Applicable packages Leave Time HR Essentials HR Success

Required Roles Team Manager HR Manager Administrator ADU Manager

Within Goals, it's possible to create a performance report for an individual. It collates an employees' Goal performance for a set time period, this could be related to the Goal duration, or a custom period in time. 

The report includes progress on Goals, such as Check-ins and Key Results updates during the provided dates. 

Generating the Report

Go to Goals > Reports

Select the employee you wish to run a Goal Report for by using the employee switcher in the top right corner and then click 'New Goal Report'. 

Select the Date Range for the report period, this can be a pre-configured range or using your own custom dates. 

Then choose which type of Goals to include in the report, both Team and Personal Goals are selected by default. 

You can choose whether to include only updates made by the employee the report is about, or for updates by all collaborators on the goal. 

Additionally, you can choose whether to only show the Goals where the Employee is the owner or Goals that the employee collaborates on. 

When you're happy with the configuration, click Generate Report. 

The report will be created based on the selection, but you can edit the options by using the filters on the right hand side. 

Understanding the Report

The first section of the Report shows insights about the goals within the report, this shows the number of Goals by type and status, as well as how many Check-ins made, and Shout-outs received.

Underneath the insights, you then have the Goals details. On the left hand side are all the goals within the report, and on the right side are the relevant updates within the period. 

You can click on these goals to view further information. 

The right hand side of the report shows all the updates to the goals within the selected period as well as who made the update. 

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