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Configuring your Org Chart

Appogee HR builds your Org Chart based on information in your Employee Directory in conjunction with the Team profiles which define a Parent Team.  This Parent team setting defines the hierarchy in the Org Chart.  You can define a Team as having "No Parent Team" and it forms the top of the Org Chart.  

Note that if you set other teams to have "No Parent Team" they won't appear on the Org Chart at all, which could be useful when preparing department changes or to support confidential teams in the organisation.

If you open your Org Chart and see a message saying “Org Chart configuration incomplete” it means that not all teams have something selected for Parent Team. To help administrators identify which Teams need to be updated, the Team list view can show a column indicating which teams have been configured with a Parent Team and which have not.

With the version 11 release the directory makes available contact information for all users across all teams when enabled.  Directory and/or Org Chart access can be turned off for all users by role.

If you have ADUs (Divisions) enabled for your Organization be aware that Parent teams must always be within the same ADU as the child ADUs. Each ADU will have its own Org Chart, although note that an ADU with only 1 team will not have an Org Chart to show since (as noted above) at least one team needs a Parent team to be defined to allow an Org Chart to be constructed.

For Appogee HR users who have been migrated from an earlier version will see that the DIrectory is made available by default to HR Managers and Administrators only.  Sharing needs to be explicitly shared to employees for them all to have access.  

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